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  1. Hotamp

    Tai Chi lessons

    Roger that....thanks.
  2. Hotamp

    Tai Chi lessons

    I am thinking of taking up taiji ...can check how the attire like? just wear the school T-shirt or the soft silky kungfu type?
  3. Hotamp

    Canto Pubs

    ya i think he is retired, living in thailand now...but i saw him performing in a toa payoh 7 month getai show few years back. just a song and the ang pow he received was a 5 figure sum . i think that getai got heavy backers and he was specially invited to perform, was featured in wan bao also
  4. i dunno about yishun, but i just came back from the caltex workshop at whitley road. got the advertisement from gumtree,... $25 to change engine oil and filter ( bring your own). i too lazy to go buy filter so just ask if i use my own engine oil but use their filter so how much? that guy say $25..hummm....okay ley. anyway it is just a corner space manned by an old guy and young chap, no fancy hydraulic jack....he use the big hand crank type jack to lift my car to change filter. overall i find they are nice, the young guy after changing engine oil and filter also take out air filter to clean, check tire pressure, check battery charge and top up water/fluids etc.
  5. Hotamp

    Home repair advice needed

    thanks bro, will get a quote from them.
  6. Hotamp

    Home repair advice needed

    Since we are at this topic of doors, anyone here has contact for a contractor who can install wooden door frame? my toilet door frame got attack by termites, some damages were done before I could call for a exterminator. does those doors contractors also supply and install door frames?
  7. Hotamp

    DIY copper water piping/BluePica House Issues

    singapore water is safe to drink lah... if not 2.5 yrs of NS dunno how many already mati leow. but if you dont change your dirty water filter i guess it will accumulate all kind of nasty stuff . if like that better dont install filter and let the water run freely along.
  8. Hotamp

    DIY copper water piping/BluePica House Issues

    on the topic of those rubber "shower hose", i once connected those shower hose from my water filter to my tap under the sink. few months down the road i discovered that my water flow began to slow to a trickle . i took out the hose and found that calcification has formed causing the obstruction. later i bite the bullet and DIY a copper pipe with some white tape and few joints and till now no issue....i dunno maybe the calcification has got something to do with the diameter of the pipe, those shower hose the internal diameter is smaller than those copper pipes. maybe material also played a part.
  9. Hotamp

    DIY copper water piping/BluePica House Issues

    ya...thats the easiest option, just a small project not worth to buy too many tools, i guess just a made in china pipe cutter, white tape, cheap spanners and few 90 degree and straight joints will do.
  10. Hotamp

    DIY copper water piping/BluePica House Issues

    The Ferrule comes together with the joint, just use a bit teflon tape to secure the ferrule to the pipe before you close the tighten the rings of the joints. second part of your question i catch no ball haha
  11. Hotamp

    DIY copper water piping/BluePica House Issues

    i am not an expert but have DIY before... copper piping unlike pvc pipe very hard to work with ley....you need a pipe bender to bend ( small pipe still ok...thick ones difficult)...unless you use 90 degree joints to replace the bends. cutting easily just use a pipe cutter that goes around the pipe., copper pipe joints i dont think have threads , just use teflon tape and tighten the nuts at the joints to compress the olive rings inside the pipe.
  12. Hotamp

    Royal Family Scandal!

    The people are real but i think they got "cut out" by photoshop and glue back into a compromising pose...you look at their proportion...the purple guy is HUGE when compared to prince charles machiam like ironman size, you see his hand "holding" prince charles hand....really out of proportion.
  13. Hotamp

    Car accident in Australia

    if it is a she i will let her nap and just drive slowly loh, if it is a guy knn i will definitely wake him up!!!! this type of thing must have have a sense of responsibility, last time i was in china travelling with my family and a local friend, i was awake all the way talking, looking out and reminding my local friend while she was driving, i just let my family nap behind loh. since I cannot drive in china so the best sensible thing i could do was help to look out for potential dangers.
  14. Hotamp

    Car accident in Australia

    in oz the cars are of bigger cc, their country side roads are narrower but x dunno how many of singapore's length, road conditions unpredictable sometimes have animals crossing the road, winding and uneven, at night practically cannot see anything except where the headlights are able to shine at. Singaporeans go there first thing they will do is to floor the pedal, impatient and will try to overtake, probably no proper planning and try to catch as much places of interest by speeding all the way without rest stops. driving in foreign land needs very good situation awareness and most importantly dont speed......for this case only one guy in a car full of girls, cannot rule out the possibility that he may have try to impress a bit here and there.?
  15. Hotamp

    Where to buy Brass Screws?

    If it is for books or photo albums...ie for Arts purposes...you can try Artsfriend at bras basah complex......they have lots of stuffs over there specially for doing arts and crafts DIY ...nice place to hang around, can try your luck if the jalan besar places do not sell what you are looking for.