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Found 51 results

  1. Did you know that Tom Cruise has been banned from purchasing a Bugatti? source: https://drivetribe.com/p/did-you-know-that-tom-cruise-has-Ej_EngBxR-S2P8BzVFe09w?iid=A9ChjeeMQTKpHOAoonUs_g In 2006, a third instalment was added to the Mission Impossible franchise and for the premiere of the film, Cruise decided to show up in his 2005 Bugatti Veyron. Now this in itself was an incredibly big thing due to the fact that it was almost impossible to buy a Veyron let alone afford to keep it but the man had everything and everything included a Veyron. Tom arriving to the premiere in his 2005 Bugatti Veyron Now, on to the real reason you’re reading this article. Why is Tom Cruise banned from purchasing any vehicles from Bugatti? Well Cruise arrived to the premiere in his Veyron perfectly fine. He parked his Veyron on the red carpet, got out and gave his fans a wave but when he attempted to open the passenger door from the outside, it wouldn’t open. After trying to open the door for about 30 seconds, it finally gave way and out came Katie Holmes. You may be wondering when I’m going to get to the real reason as to why Tom Cruise is banned from purchasing a Bugatti but that right there is the reason. Bugatti like to advertise themselves as a company that builds cars of the highest quality and class but in those 30 seconds that Cruise struggled to open the door, Bugatti’s reputation for quality went down drastically. Bugatti banned Tom Cruise from purchasing from them because Bugatti feel as if Cruise portrayed them in a bad manner and that he wasn’t respecting the Bugatti brand. Too harsh? I personally think that Bugatti had reason to be upset over this but banning Cruise from ever buying from them again? I think that was a tad dramatic. Tom Cruise can still buy a Bugatti Bugatti said that Tom cruise is not allowed to order cars from them but that was all. This means that Cruise could still go and legally buy and drive a Bugatti from somebody today which basically means that I’ve just wasted 10 minutes of your life that you’ll never get back except I haven’t. Bugatti didn’t ban someone from buying one of their cars, they banned Ton Cruise. Tom Cruise was at one point the richest actor in the world and is one of the most, if not, the most famous name in Hollywood. Bugatti doing this worsened its relationship with fans of Tom Cruise and fans of Bugatti. If anything, banning Cruise from ordering anything from Bugatti backfired. Do you think Bugatti were right to ban Tom Cruise? Let me know in the comments below.
  2. Not PMD, but coca-cola ads. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/health/high-sugar-drinks-to-carry-unhealthy-label-on-pack-advertisements-banned-next-year Means can advert Coke Zero but cannot advert regular Coke? No more Coca Cola/Pepsi banners?
  3. StreetFight3r

    Android boxes gonna get banned soon?

    SINGAPORE - New laws will be tabled in Parliament some time this year to ban the sale of media streaming boxes with "add-on" services that help consumers access pirated content. This clarity comes on the heels of a three-year review by the Ministry of Law (MinLaw) and the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (Ipos) of copyright laws here. The legality of media streaming boxes has been a grey and contentious area as copyright holders have found it difficult to apply many of the usual legal avenues created in the DVD era against set-top box retailers that benefit from the sale of "add-on" services. "We are of the view that legislative amendments are needed to both clarify our policy position and the actions that can be taken against retailers of such set-top boxes," said MinLaw in its Copyright Review Report issued on Thursday (Jan 17). "The measures, which are absent today, will make clear that acts such as the import and sale of such devices are prohibited," said the ministry in a separate statement. The review involves two public consultations, three town hall meetings and 10 engagement sessions conducted since August 2016. Feedback from various stakeholders - including consumers, industry and trade associations, businesses, intellectual property law practitioners and academics - were sought. Close to 100 formal submissions and more than 280 online feedback forms were received by MinLaw and Ipos. The new laws will impose civil and criminal liability on people who wilfully distribute or sell a product that can be used to access pirated content if the product is designed for such access or advertised as such. It will also be illegal to sell a generic device with "add-on" services - such as supplying website links or subscription services to pirated content. The Copyright Act was enacted in 1987, with major revisions last made in 2014 to allow content owners seek a High Court order to get Internet service providers (ISPs) to block piracy websites. Before the revised law, they could not compel ISPs to block pirated content. Last November, the High Court ordered eight new piracy websites and any others related to them to be blocked, bringing the total number of such websites blocked to just over 60. However, there was no move to ban the applications in media streaming boxes, also known as Android boxes, and the boxes themselves.
  4. Should cyclists be banned/fined on the road given that the Park Connector is just beside the road? So many millions have been spent on Park Connectors to bring safety to cyclists and yet some still cycle on the road.
  5. Were they drunk? Aftermath of the party * The damage was extensive * used paper plates and uneaten food were thrown into the pool. * The toilets were also choked and damaged. * it took the cleaners 6 hours to clean up * The family's visitors have, on occasion, parked their cars illegally, despite repeated reminders not to do so. * their $500 tenant deposit had been forfeited because of the incident. It was a poolside party that had fellow residents seeing red. MediaCorp has learnt that the management council of Mimosa Park condominium in Yio Chu Kang has banned 2006 Singapore Idol Hady Mirza and his family, who live in the development, from using its recreational facilities after a private party on Oct 2. It is understood that the council was not pleased by what it saw in the wake of that party at the condominium's poolside clubhouse. For one thing, used paper plates and uneaten food were thrown into the pool. The toilets were also choked and damaged. Cleaners had to be called in to clean up the mess to appease residents who wanted to use the facilities. The damage was extensive and it took the cleaners six hours to complete the task. This is not the first time Hady and his family of five - who have been living in a four-bedroom rented apartment in the condo for the last three years - have broken the rules, said chairman of the condominium's management council Leonard Lee. The family's visitors have, on occasion, parked their cars illegally, despite repeated reminders not to do so. As a result, the wheels of their cars have been clamped on a number of occasions, said Mr Lee. But the mess in the pool proved to be the last straw. Last week, the chairman sent a letter to the family informing them that their $500 tenant deposit had been forfeited because of the incident. The family's access passes have also been cancelled, which means they cannot use the shared facilities - the pool, gym and squash court. The ban is for a period of six months. In the strongly-worded letter, Mr Lee said the episode "has caused severe inconvenience to our residents and other users" and, as a result, "additional expenses" had to be incurred to restore the premises. He added: "We are holding you responsible for all costs ... we shall be forfeiting your tenant deposit which will be used towards the partial cost of the cleaning operations". Mr Lee did not say how much "all costs" amounted to but added the council reserved the right to recover any other costs "that may have incurred as a result of your irresponsible behaviour". When contacted, 30-year-old Hady declined to comment on the matter, saying "it's personal". However, MediaCorp understands that his mother, Madam Mardiana Ahmad, has sent a letter of apology to the management council.
  6. I have not even seen the product and tried the food, and it is banned. Who tried before? Nice? Import of instant hotpot products containing meat not approved by AVA; importers fined and products seized http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/import-of-instant-hotpot-products-not-approved-by-ava-importers-fined-and-products-seized SINGAPORE - The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) has fined importers of the latest food craze here - instant "self-heating" hotpots that contain meat. It has also seized the products, the agency said in a statement to The Straits Times on Monday (Oct 9). "AVA has not approved the import of instant hotpot products containing meat such as Ba Shu Hotpot," the statement added. “As AVA did not approve these products for sale, the ‘AVA certificate’ circulating online is fake.” ST understands that the certificate AVA referred to is a licence issued to a Ba Shu Hotpot supplier to import processed food products and appliances, but with the product’s logo superimposed on it. Food products containing meat can be imported from only approved sources that comply with AVA food-safety standards and requirements, as these products could carry animal and food-borne diseases of public health and trade importance, AVA said. Ba Shu Hotpot is otherwise known as Ba Shu Lan Ren, a Chengdu-based instant hotpot brand that comes in several mala flavours: original, rice and meat, and beef. It is one of several instant hotpot brands being sold online on websites such as Qoo10 and Shopee Singapore, as well as shopping app Carousell. The products come with a heat pack that, when activated by room-temperature water, generates enough heat to steam a small bowl of ingredients for up to 20 minutes. In its statement, AVA advised the public to purchase food from reputable sources, and to exercise discretion when buying food online. Licensed food importers are required to ensure that the food products comply with the AVA's food-safety requirements and standards, regardless of the channel of sale." Ba Shu Lan Ren, which launched its hotpots last December, told The Straits Times in July that it has six main suppliers in Singapore. One supplier is Joneve Trading, which had been importing the hotpots since February. The hotpots proved to be so popular that in May, over 10,000 individual packs were snapped up. The firm's co-founder, Ms Eve Lim, 27, told ST on Monday that she was informed by AVA in early August to stop the import and sale of the hotpots. Ms Lim also said that AVA had issued her a valid licence - a copy of which ST has seen - to import the product. She said: “I thought all was well until they (AVA) visited my warehouse in early August and said they had to approve the meat used by Ba Shu Lan Ren in their products.” Explaining why enforcement action was taken against Joneve Trading, an AVA spokesman told ST that the Cargo Clearance Permit the firm applied for was for food items which do not contain meat and seafood. "In this case, it was a false declaration as the instant hotpot product does contain meat," he said. When contacted on Monday, Carousell said it was working closely with AVA to actively remove listings of instant hotpots with meat from its marketplace. "Where available, we will provide the advisory notice issued by AVA to the sellers when we remove their products," it added. AVA added that it conducts inspections and surveillance, including sampling for testing, on imported food products to ensure they comply with the necessary requirements and standards. Those convicted of importing food from unapproved sources can be fined up to $50,000 and/or jailed for up to two years for the first conviction. In the case of a second or subsequent conviction, they can be fined up to $100,000 and/or jailed for up to three years. http://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/food/this-hotpot-cooks-without-electricity-or-hot-water
  7. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/business/south-korea-bans-sales-of-some-nissan-bmw-and-porsche-models/3408636.html SEOUL: South Korea has banned the sale of 10 models of Nissan, BMW and Porsche vehicles after the carmakers were found to have fabricated certification documents, in the latest fallout from the Volkswagen emissions scandal. The government announced in August that it would ban all 10 models after conducting an investigation into whether foreign carmakers besides Volkswagen AG falsified documents on emissions and noise-level tests. Nine of the models have been banned since last month and Nissan's Qashqai diesel sport utility vehicle has been banned since June, the environment ministry said on Monday. It said it has also fined the carmakers' local units a combined 7.17 billion won (US$5.9 million) for the affected 4,523 vehicles already sold in South Korea. Spokespersons at the South Korean units of Nissan Motor Co Ltd and BMW AG acknowledged the findings in the government investigation, saying they would try to achieve certification for those affected models again. A spokesperson at Porsche AG, which is owned by Volkswagen, was not immediately available for comment. South Korea has been tough with Volkswagen, filing complaints against local executives, suspending sales of most of its models and imposing fines for alleged forging of documents on emissions or noise-level tests. In the latest move, South Korea said last month that it will file criminal complaints against five former and current executives at Volkswagen AG's South Korean unit and fine the company a record 37.3 billion won for false advertising on vehicle emissions. South Korea's sales of imported cars fell 7 percent in the first 11 months of last year, heading for their first annual sales decline since 2009. (Reporting by Hyunjoo Jin; Editing by Susan Fenton) - Reuters
  8. Darryn

    Jolin Tsai's song for LGBT

    Jolin Tsai's song has been banned....in case people catch "teh gay" Song here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=C7hHofDW2ts
  9. Looks like Audi Headlight is banned. Wonder how possible is it to be accepted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CE6-Jxt9HI
  10. hahah Sian 1/2 liao ---- yahoooooooooooo
  11. I've never understood why anyone will sit on roadside kerbs. It's so dangerous and things like this can happen to you. Are they really so unaware of the potential dangers? ======= Taxi driver fined $4,000 and banned from the road after reversing into student By Elena Chong SINGAPORE - An elderly taxi driver who reversed into a student and pinned her under his car was fined $4,000 and banned from driving for three years on Monday. Thow Ngok Sen, 69, had been performing a u-turn when he changed his mind and reversed, and backed into 22-year-old Ms Abigail Ow Hui Xia who had been sitting on a kerb at a Bishan bus stop with her boyfriend. He mounted the kerb and ran into her as she tried to get out of the way, knocking her over. A passer-by told Thow to move his cab forward to free her but his tyre ran over her thigh. Ms Ow spent two months in hospital for spinal injuries and fractures to her pelvic area and now cannot walk unaided.
  12. Mockngbrd

    Shisha Smoking Got Banned

    Gahment cannot earn marney, so banned. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/shisha-to-be-banned-in/1452290.html SINGAPORE: Shisha is no less hamful than other forms of tobacco use, so the Ministry of Health (MOH) intends to prohibit the import, distribution and sale of shisha (give free can?) from later this month, said Parlimentary Secretary for MOH Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim in Parliament on Tuesday (Nov 4). According to the National Health Survey 2010, 7.8 per cent of young adults aged 18-29 years smoke shisha at least occasionally, compared to 1 per cent among older adults. The Student Health Survey found that the proportion of students who used alternative tobacco products, including shisha, had increased from 2 per cent in 20009 to 9 per cent in 2012. Dr Faishal said that in view of the health risks associated with shisha smoking, and to prevent the proliferation and entrenchment of shisha smoking in Singapore, the ban will be effected later this month. "However, as a transitional measure, existing licensed tobacco importers and retailers who import or sell shisha tobacco will be allowed to continue importing and retailing shisha tobacco until Jul 31, 2016," he said. "This allows such importers and retailers ample time to deplete their stock and restructure their businesses away from the shisha business." - CNA/kk
  13. Heard on the news this morning USA is considering a total ban on the use of hand-free phones etc while driving. A recent road death had record showing the dead driver sent 11 smses within 10 minustes of the car accident which killed him. If hand-free phone calls are considered by the law maker a distraction for the drivers, i would say talking to passengers (worst case: argueing/quarrelling) is just as bad. Do you think hand-free calls, texting, playing angry bird, etc etc should be banned, or even talking while driving must also be banned? Some say a life is worth a million dollars, or more (if he's a minister, definitely more?).
  14. http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/more-singapore-stories/story/classification-documentary-singapore-political-exiles-me Classification for film on political exiles, To Singapore, With Love, means it cannot be shown here By Nur Asyiqin Mohamad Salleh SINGAPORE - A documentary film on Singapore political exiles who fled the country has been given a "Not Allowed for All Ratings" classification because its contents "undermine national security", the Media Development Authority said in a statement on Wednesday. This means the documentary, To Singapore, With Love, by award-winning filmmaker Tan Pin Pin, cannot be exhibited or distributed here. Ms Tan's documentary explores the lives of Singaporeans living in exile - some for as long as 50 years - in places like London and Thailand. It was submitted for classification in May by the National University of Singapore Museum. "The individuals in the film have given distorted and untruthful accounts of how they came to leave Singapore and remain outside Singapore," said the MDA. It noted that some of the people featured had tried to "white-wash their security histories", with two interviewees omitting criminal offences they were liable for, such as tampering with their Singapore passports or absconding from National Service. Some of the "self-professed" exiles were members or supporters of the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM), which sought to overthrow the elected governments of Singapore and Malaysia through armed struggle and subversion, the MDA added. "The individuals featured in the film gave the impression that they are being unfairly denied their right to return to Singapore," it continued. "They were not forced to leave Singapore, nor are they being prevented from returning." Minister for Communications and Information Yaacob Ibrahim said he agrees and supports the MDA's assessment. "It is not surprising that ex-CPM members and sympathisers wish now to give their own accounts of historical episodes that they were involved in," he said in a statement. "But individuals who have chosen to leave and remain outside Singapore, and refused to account for their past actions, should not enjoy a public platform to purvey distorted and untruthful accounts to mislead the public, absolve themselves or deny their past actions." One of the people featured in the film is Mr Ho Juan Thai, an unsuccessful Workers' Party candidate in the 1976 general elections. While campaigning, he criticised the government's promotion of the use of English over Chinese, and was accused of making racially-inflammatory speeches. He fled to the UK in 1977, before the police could detain him under the Internal Security Act as a national threat. Ms Tan, in a Facebook post on Tuesday, said she is “very disappointed” by MDA’s decision. The movie was meant to be screened with two of her other films - Invisible City and Singapore GaGa - as part of a triple-bill presented by the NUS Museum. The screenings, planned for the end of September, will not go on. By not allowing the film to be exhibited or distributed here, MDA is depriving Singaporeans of an opportunity watch it and talk about it, Ms Tan said."It is vital for us to have that conversation on our own terms, especially on the eve of our 50th birthday. We need to be trusted to be able to find the answers about ourselves, for ourselves,” she added. Still, she hopes she can show it in Singapore one day and said that she may re-submit it for a rating in the future. “Now, the irony; that a film about Singapore exiles is now exiled from Singapore as well - this is not something I ever wanted or hoped for,” she said.
  15. **BREAKING NEWS** AWARE Singapore, a women's rights activist group in Singapore promoting "gender equality" for women has successfully made MINDEF ban NSFs from singing our favourite army song "Purple Light" due to some parts of the song being degrading to women. Ever wonder if speaking up about sexism really creates change? Here's one case where it has! Earlier this year, AWARE learned of "Purple Light", a marching song sung by many NSmen, which included the lines: "Booking out, see my girlfriend Saw her with another man Kill the man, rape my girlfriend With my rifle and my buddy and me." We were troubled that NSmen were bonding over misogynist lyrics about committing sexual violence against women. So we raised our concerns with MINDEF and SAF. And now we have excellent news: MINDEF and SAF have confirmed that they took steps to investigate. They will "immediately halt" the singing of these lyrics, which they describe as "contrary to the values of [their] organisation". It's really encouraging that MINDEF and SAF are prepared to listen to feedback, recognise this as an issue and take action on it. Thumbs up! *AWARE Singapore is a women's right activist group fighting for the rights of women and promoting "gender equality". Many NSman are very angry with MINDEF decision to ban this song: Davin Ng: Because the lyrics refer to the way many Singaporean women ditch their boyfriends without a second's thought when they enter NS. Nearly 3/4 of the attached men in my BMT platoon were dumped during the confinement weeks of BMT, and the lyrics were made up to express their rage and frustration. You might want to think about how women behave like opportunistic brats instead of complaining about the mere symptoms. Warren D'cruz: Age of girls having boyfriends who arebin NS are around 18yrs old. They are still in the verge of building a future for themdelves and exploring the various opportunites that they can use to build their future. They will make more friends and meet more guys. They will have more options to choose. How they view and cherish their relationship with their boyfriends who are in NS depends on their maturity, morality and their social backgound. There is no way to stop them from ending a relationship. The responsibility lies within them. Not all women are the sole responsible of a breakup. The same also applies to guys. However, if I was a girl and know that my boyfriend is singing these kind of songs at NS. I will be very afraid!!!! Source: http://therealsingapore.com/content/mindef-banned-nsfs-singing-purple-light-because-lyrics-are-degrading-towards-women
  16. Dear bros, Just encountered a close shave this evening when driving in my mscp. Fortunately, I was going very slow ~8km/h according to my DVR software, and was alert, if not an accident might have happened. Please drive slowly in mscp and for those who cycle, please dont cycle against traffic flow esp downslope. For parents, kindly watch over your kids especially when they go cycling "just at the void deck". Kids don't know the danger and think it is fun chiong down slopes.... Ignore the date/time stamp. Something wrong with my DVR.
  17. Darryn, your expertise in linguistics required here.... http://youtu.be/DTUcf7rLPRU
  18. A banquet operations manager who took to the wheel despite having been banned from the road for a year was called the "ultimate road terror'' by a district judge on Wednesday. While driving under a year-long ban, Tan Yang Chin, 34, was involved in a hit-and-run accident along an expressway which resulted in a taxi overturning and injuring three people. The accident happened along East Coast Parkway (ECP) at 1.14am on Feb 7 this year. Tan was jailed for 13 months and banned from driving for eight years after admitting to causing grievous hurt to taxi passenger Wang Jing, 28, a Chinese national; driving under a ban; and failing to render assistance. A district court heard that Tan was speeding along ECP when he fell asleep and hit the centre divider. He woke up and veered his car towards the extreme left lane, and hit the back of Mr Goh Chee Kwang's taxi. Mr Goh, 51, was then taking Ms Wang and another female passenger to the airport. He lost control of the vehicle which then hit the road barrier and overturned. Tan sped away from the scene and later left his car unattended about 1km away along ECP before Xilin Avenue. Ms Wang was taken to hospital for fractures to her pelvis. Both vehicles were badly damaged. Calling him the "ultimate road terror'', District Judge Low Wee Ping said Tan had been fined and banned from driving for 12 months in April last year for drink driving. Two months before his disqualification ended, he drove at least four times. Two charges of causing hurt to the taxi driver and the other passenger and failing to stop after the accident were considered during his sentencing. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/ultimate-road-terror-jailed-and-banned-driving-hit-and-run-accident-20
  19. A businessman who drank and drove and caused a fatal accident along an expressway was sentenced to 14 months' jail and banned from driving for eight years on Tuesday. Chua Cheng Giak, 38, pleaded guilty to three charges and had three others taken into consideration. He was driving his Audi car above the 90kmph-speed limit along East Coast Parkway at 2.24am on May 23 last year when he caused the death a Bangladeshi construction worker by doing a rash act. His car hit the back of a lorry, causing it to veer to its left side, hit a railing and a lamp post, which in turn caused the vehicle to mount the guard railing, resulting in the worker Md Hazrat Ali Md Maser Ali being thrown out from the rear covered deck. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...long-ecp-201307
  20. Picnic06-Biante15

    NZ Banned Students On

    I didn't know its legal in NZ .... from Yahoo: New Zealand bans foreign students from prostitution AFP News
  21. A young man who had no driving licence drove a car without the owner's consent and caused a fatal accident at a pedestrian crossing in Tampines. On Monday, restaurant helper Shawn See Joo Song, 22, was jailed for 11 months and banned from driving for 10 years for causing the death of Madam Mislia Ahmad, 65, by a rash act at the cross-junction of Tampines Street 45 and Tampines Avenue 9 on Dec 6, 2011. He was making a right turn into Avenue 9 when the traffic light was showing green only without a green right-turning arrow when the accident happened. Madam Mislia died of head injury about an hour later in hospital. See, who had pleaded guilty, was also fined $1,000 on each of two charges of taking and driving away the car without the consent of the owner, Dream Land Enterprise, and driving without a licence. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_822839.html
  22. A taxi driver was jailed for four weeks and banned from driving all vehicles for five years on Wednesday for causing the death of an elderly pedestrian through his negligence. Sum Lai Thou, 61, pleaded guilty to causing the death of Madam Choy Yip Hian, 75, by failing to keep a proper lookout along Serangoon Road on Dec 15, 2011. The court heard that Madam Choy had jaywalked across the road when Sum's taxi hit her while travelling at a continuous speed of 70 to 80 kph. The impact caused Madam Choy to be flung some 10m ahead. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_802140.html
  23. A security officer was jailed for four months and banned from driving for five years on Friday for causing death by dangerous driving. Johnny Sim Swee Leng, 46, had pleaded guilty to causing the death of motorcyclist Owyong Tak Sung, 54, along the Kallang Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) on Dec 9, 2009. Court documents said he made multiple lane changes at 85 to 90kmh without signalling while travelling on the slip road from the Tampines Expressway into the KPE that morning. After filtering straight into the right most lane of the KPE, he overtook Owyong's motorcycle and the front left of his car side-swiped the machine causing the rider to wobble. He then accelerated further causing the left wing mirror of his car to hit Owyong. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_811271.html