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Found 29 results

  1. Solar

    Confidentiality of HR records

    Does a HR of another company have the rights to request for the HR records of an ex employee, in terms of 1. Salary and job details 2. Performance ratings and other information?
  2. SINGAPORE - The first volume of a two-part biography of Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong will hit bookshelves in two months. Called Tall Order: The Goh Chok Tong Story, it will cover Mr Goh's early life up to 1990, when he took office as prime minister. Mr Goh revealed the news in a Facebook post on Thursday night (Sept 6), when he uploaded pictures of himself meeting former Hong Kong chief executives Tung Chee Hwa and Leung Chun Ying on a recent visit to the city, as well as an older photo of himself and Mr Tung. "Both are old friends," Mr Goh, 77, wrote. "I first met Chee Hwa in the early 1970s when we were both in shipping." He added that the older photo of both men "partying in Vienna drinking young wine after an international shipping conference" will feature in his biography, which will be released in November. Mr Goh was Singapore's second prime minister, and held the post for nearly 14 years before stepping down in 2004. According to a description on the website of the publisher World Scientific, the book will reveal "the private deliberations and negotiations" between Mr Goh and Singapore's first prime minister Lee Kuan Yew before the leadership transfer in 1990. t will also tell the extraordinary story of Mr Goh's life and career over half a century, "revealing how Singapore's second Prime Minister rose through a combination of strength, wit and a political nous which many, including himself, did not know he had". "In this first of two volumes, Goh navigated years of a challenging apprenticeship to Lee, scoring numerous policy successes but also suffering political blows and humiliation," it added. The biography is being written by former Straits Times journalist Peh Shing Huei, who is now a partner at content agency The Nutgraf. Mr Peh said the book was based on a series of face-to-face interviews with Mr Goh, done by the Nutgraf team as well as ST Editor-at-Large Han Fook Kwang. It will include content that has not been made public previously. "It has been 14 years since ESM Goh stepped down as Prime Minister and I understand there have been many people who have tried to persuade him to tell his story during this time. I'm glad he has finally agreed," Mr Peh, 42, said. "He gave me and my team generous time and plenty of good stories."
  3. Hi all, I watched a Youtube video on Legend and they have this feature that I thought is pretty useful. It works this way: 1.The door lock automatically release without the need to press the remote key when you are near the door. Helpful, if your hands are occuppied and digging out the keys from the pocket is troublesome. 2. The door will not be locked if you place your car keys in the car. Good feature if you accidentally left your car keys in the boot and you close it without noticing it. Just wonder whether got such feature that we can get from 3rd party alarm system? Do you know? Thank you. Regards,
  4. This must be one of the most innovative way to tackle dengue.. I like the self destruct mechanism.. But scary if one day, they can GM humans to self destruct before gaining sexual maturity. Macam the genophage in Mass Effect.
  5. I am not sure how much CNA and local MSM are following up on this kidnap of 270 innocent school girls in Africa by a terrorist group. I keep seeing video of the terrorists' leader defying international appeals to release these girls and threatening harms to the girls if their demands are not met. The govt of that country is hopelessly corrupted and useless, allowing this to happen.
  6. More scandals that we duno? [laugh]
  7. Was driving for quite a few mins yesterday on PIE and realised that brake light was on. found out i forgot to release handbrake. what kind of damage should i expect?
  8. I don't know whether you guys notice it or not. The LTA press release they may have forgot to include a number in the factsheet. The average annual milleage for a 2 shift taxi should be more than 1 shift taxi right. So why is it 13,65 km for 2 shift vs 9,129 km for 1 shift taxi? Or is it my eyes acting up? http://app.lta.gov.sg/corp_press_content.a...0zg489zmggadp4u
  9. Good news for diablo fan!!! http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/314656/201...12-blizzard.htm
  10. Hybrid Civic Coupe 2012 HONDA CIVIC SPECS Civic HF, Sedan, Coupe and Natural Gas Specifications 140 horsepower, 1.8-liter i-VTEC
  11. Mockngbrd

    CNA F*** care SMRT press release

  12. Jchuacl

    4-Oct Release of new iphone5?

    With the impending of Iphone5 on the 4-Oct, are there any Android users who are looking to switch over? After using Android for 1.5 years, I'm planning to get a Iphone as my 2nd phone (with multi sim) so that I have multiple phones to play with.
  13. Picanto

    Sylvia Lim's Media Release

  14. Are we going to see a drop in prices at the petrol kiosk tomorrow? Oil prices drop
  15. hot nEWS --------- Today Wednesday April 20, 2011 8 Do you think Singapore should let go the captured pirates?? .......... read on.. Singapore looking into Somali pirate attack on local vessel SINGAPORE
  16. Hi need advise on whether to sign the above letter required by current insurer. I was involved in a chain accident in Apr. My car was the 2nd car in a 3 car/vans pileup. Although my insurance company allowed the 1st car to claim against me (due to insurance companies' agreed protocol for chain accident), I convinced them the accident was not caused by me. In principal, they agreed to return my NCB. The claims from the 1st van is closed and paid/settled. However, they now need me to sign the above undertaking letter there will be no further claims be made to them relating to this chain collision. This will enable them to return the 40% NCB to me. In the event of further claims, I have to return the NCB to them. The claims staff say that the letter of undertaking is to cover the insurance company esp for bodily injury. There is a 3 year window period for them to come back and claim injury expenses. The damage to property (i.e. the 1st van has already claimed) has been settled and therefore no further liabilities should arise. First time I hear of such undertaking requirement... should i sign? Is there any exposure if I do so? thanks.............
  17. Offically announced at E3! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmfBf_sAz5Y...player_embedded
  18. The Honda Civic Type R Euro has been a solid hit in Japan. The UK-built hatchback packs 201 horsepower, love-it-or-leave-it styling and a suspension that has been honed on the lunging tarmac of Europe. No, it may not be as fast as its predecessors, but that hasn't stopped Japanese buyers from snapping them up in troves. Honda says that since the car went on sale in November, the company has sold 1,850 units on its home turf. To celebrate, Honda is turning out a special edition version of the Civic Type R Euro three-door. Don't expect anything too radical, though. The car is basically a styling update and not much else. The bodywork gets a slight redesign for the 2010 model year. If Honda's planning anything spectacular, the company is keeping its secrets to itself.
  19. I have a question. I paid my car last week. The agent said i can get my car this week. My question is how did they manage to do it? I was told by my colleagues that it takes two weeks to get a license number. I wonder if my agent just wants to get my $$$ - that is, her commission.
  20. 3 more months before 2009 comes to an end. During this time period, can anyone point out what are the new model release or facelifts coming up? Everyone can then benefit, cos you don't want to be doing a booking today, then realise next week that a new model will be released soon. My list so far here : 1. Audi A5 & S5 Cabriolet 2. Chery A3 3. Kia Koup
  21. SINGAPORE: Police have released more details on escaped Jemaah Islamiyah leader Mas Selamat Kastari's facial features. They said he has a mole on the right side of his cheek, below the eye, and has thin lips. Since his escape, police have also highlighted to the public that he has a limp on his left leg, visible only when he runs or walks fast. Described as a cautious and patient man, police believe Mas Selamat is still in Singapore. Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng said: "The search will continue for Mas Selamat. That's why the whole Home team is out in full force, in cooperation with the Singapore Armed Forces which has been very helpful in the hunt for Mas Selamat." Assistant Commissioner Wong Hong Kuan, Operations Director of Singapore Police Force, said: "Based on our intelligence analysis of the person, it further strengthens our belief that he's still in Singapore. "He's likely to be extremely cautious and the first thing he'd try to do when he escapes and has no means of getting out of the country quickly is to try and hide and wait for our guard to falter before he tries to make good his escape." Over 3,000 officers of the Home team have been deployed in the search for Mas Selamat. Some of these officers searched the MacRitchie Reservoir on Sunday. Police said they have received over 1,400 hotline calls on his whereabouts. Posted: 16 March 2008 1626 hrs
  22. hi, would like to check has anyone who applied for the hdb bi-monthly sale of flats and your q number is outside the actual number of flats avaiable but u still manage to get a unit? im just trying to be hopeful.. in the recent oct release of flats for sale.. 4800 pple applied for 489 units!!!!!!! my q digit is still 3 digits but above 489... sigh.. just wondering what are my chances.. sigh... so xian... oil prices go up.. resale flat go up.. no. of applicants also go up..
  23. Asking this on behalf of a friend. 1. My friend tendered her resignation recently. She is currently serving her one month notice, but her new company requested her to start earlier. 2. She approach the director and requested for early release + compensate the company. 3. Director refused her request and insisted that she should serve her full one month. 4. In the appointment letter, it is stated that "Early release is subjected to management approval". Does the director has the rights to stop my friend from leaving earlier? Isn't that equate to SLAVERY? Anyone can advice me?
  24. Finally! the long awaited Mitsubishi Evo X. I'll let the pictures do the talking..
  25. I am fed-up. I noticed my hand-brake release button is flushed with the handle. I have to poke my finger into the hole to relaease my hand brake. I tried to pull out the button but cannot. Now, I have to my appointment with SA and waste 1 working day! KNN!