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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All, i had recently purchased a 'new' 08 kia cerato variant 2, intending it to service my needs of ferrying my family and kiddo around. Everything seems well and fine, until i went for a fan belt, water pump change 2 weeks later, as i want the car to be in perfect running condition. After the change, things starts going haywire.. the car temperature gauge starts to creep up past 1/2 point mark, till 3/4 to 'Hot'. This happened when i drove the car for some time (30 mins or so?) and when the car is idling either from traffic lights, or parked in the parking lot. Rev-ing the car in neutral, or moving off will result in temperature dropping. Fan is spinning when aircon is on, fan is spinning when aircon is off as well, hence mech said its isnt the issue. Went back to garage the next day, was advised to changed out radiator and refresh a few hoses, as the radiator were kinda chocked with, and it even choked several hoses as well. Thermostat had been removed as well -.- Sadly, after doing all the changes, the issue still persist. Noticed during the testing of car after installation done, air bubbles were present in the coolant reserve tank. Mech said most likely head gasket is gone as well. Curious any bro or sis or gurus had any similar experiences on this? how much roughly will the repair cost be this time? Sigh :/ Thanks!
  2. RickWong

    Variant "N" I20 & Tucson

    Rumors of the Hyundai i20 and Tucson getting hotter N variants have been circulating before the launch of the i30 N. https://www.mycarforum.com/blog/12/entry-5666-hot-n-versions-of-hyundai-i20-and-tucson-said-to-be-coming/
  3. Wish69

    Volkswagen Golf Variant 2018

    Hi bros out there, is the Active Info Display A fully digital instrument cluster presents data and information about the vehicle directly in the cockpit via a 12.3-inch high-resolution display....really useful? The look so trendy...
  4. Laojiao

    Golf Variant

    Hi all Just wondering, anyone here has tried or are considering to buy or bought/owned the Golf Variant? Any feedback and owner's/personal reviews on it? Realised that Estates/Station Wagons are not amongst the favourite for potential car buyers - thought its a great alternative to consider especially if VAG could be more relax/generous in their offers for this model. Cheers!
  5. Kungfu

    Evo Variant P

    Hi all MCFs, Anybody tried this pdt? If got, can provide feedback. Seems like very tempting leh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.sgaltis.com/viewtopic.php?t=25810 http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t257/so...rt/VSevored.jpg
  6. Sickscientist

    Cerato Variant R aka CVR

    Read in today's ad in the papers that the Cerato has came up with Variant R.... 1.6L with a whopping 150bhp.... Could it be TC-ed...?? If it is,entry level family sedans have come a long way man...
  7. Hi, I have shortlisted the above 3 cars for my consideration. Civic is the most expensive...having a premium of about $15k to $20k over the other 2 mazdas. Is it really worth the premium? The car specs are as follows: Civic (2l) Car Type 4 Door Saloon/Sedan Cylinders 4 0-100 9.2 secs Gears 5 Capacity 1998 cc Valves 16 Top Speed 209 km/h Transmission Auto Engine Straight Weight N.A Curb 1312 kg Drivetrain FF Max Power 155 Bhp / 6000 rpm Max Torque 188 Nm / 4200 rpm Power to Weight 118.14 Bhp / Litre 77.6 bhp/litre Combined FC 10.56 litre/100km User FC Rating 10.0 km/litre Mazda 3 (2l) Car Type 4 Door Saloon/Sedan Cylinders 4 0-100 9.1 secs Gears 4 Capacity 1998 cc Valves 16 Top Speed 209 km/h Transmission Auto Engine Straight Weight N.A Curb 1246 kg Drivetrain FF Max Power 148 Bhp / 6500 rpm Max Torque 184 Nm / 4500 rpm Power to Weight 118.78 Bhp / Litre 74.1 bhp/litre Combined FC 7.04 litre/100km User FC Rating 10.4 km/litre Mazda 6 (2l) Car Type 4 Door Saloon/Sedan Cylinders 4 0-100 10.7 secs Gears 5 Capacity 1999 cc Valves 16 Top Speed 201 km/h Transmission Auto Engine Straight Weight 1885 kg Curb 1409 kg Drivetrain FF Max Power 147 Bhp / 6500 rpm Max Torque 186 Nm / 4000 rpm Power to Weight 104.33 Bhp / Litre 73.5 bhp/litre Combined FC 8.60 litre/100km User FC Rating 9.9 km/litre Please provide your views...
  8. Wrxblue

    WRX variant comparison.....