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Found 7 results

  1. SGCM_editorial

    Mercedes-Benz A-Class Saloon: Shrunken Sedan

    With the launch of the new Mercedes-Benz's A-Class Saloon here in Singapore, fans of the classic sedan bodyshape now have one more option to consider when buying into the premium segment. With selling mass market front-wheel drive cars looking more like an attractive business case for the German manufacturers in these astute times, we were naturally curious to see if the new Baby Mercedes still possessed that polish associated with its badge, and so eagerly took one out for a review! If you are a fan of connected technology, there is much here that will impress. The cabin of the saloon is comfortable, premium and high-tech. You get the new generation infotainment system, complete with the twin 10.25-inch displays and the MBUX voice assistant. There's 64-colour ambient lighting, built-in navigation and smartphone integration as well, so all your day-to-day needs will be covered. While on the road, the car is comfortable and light on its feet. we did find however, that while power comes easily from the 1.4-litre engine, the drivetrain still lacks refinement and makes a fairly unsavoury sound when worked hard. Should that one flaw deter you from making a purchase? We don't think so. With the saloon priced just $2,000 more than the equivalent A-Class Hatchback, there's no denying that the car sports an increased practical appeal. Plus, its a saloon, which is classy, and fitting for a Mercedes. Share with us what you think in the comments below, or read our full review here! The A-Class Saloon also packs a 420-litre boot, 50 litres more than the hatchback. As usual, here are some photos courtesy of Mercedes-Benz. Your actual specifications may vary.
  2. Mercedes-AMG is on a roll with its fast expanding range. But will its latest A 35 hatchback, which is also its entry-level model, dilute the brand? According to the company's boss, Tobias Moers pointed out to Car Advice that as a new model in the AMG range, it doesn't have a negative effect on the brand. “The A35 family is not diluting the brand. We have shared components with the next 45. And driving dynamics-wise it’s on the same level as the current A45, but with less horsepower. It’s a different segment and we’re going to be really competitive with pricing." Moers then went on to explain that the car will allow them to access to brand new customers and giving them "From his perspective… value for money". Either way, we can't wait to get our hands on the car!

    Mercedes A45 AMG!

    Just discovered this A45 AMG and is totally amazing , I really hope CnC Merc will bring it to SG at a 'reasonable price' since this is an 'entry model merc' Pls Enjoy and tell me what you think
  4. Most of Mercedes-Benz's cars come with their 4Matic all wheel drive system except for their compact models, the A-Class and the B-Class, which are front wheel driven. But in the near future, one of their upcoming compact models, the CLA Class sedan will feature a new version of the 4Matic system which is specially designed for cars with transversely mounted engines. The upcoming CLA Class is based on the same platform that the A-Class and B-Class is on but it will be featured with an all wheel drive system which Mercedes-Benz has never done before on their compact models. Therefore, a new system has to be developed for it. This new system integrates the rear axle driveshaft with the transmission and in this case, a seven speed dual clutch gearbox. Another feature of the system is an electro-hydraulic controlled multi disc clutch at the rear which allows full variable distribution of the drive torque between the front and rear axles. Normally, when the multi disc clutch is open, the car is driven by the front axle. When it is closed, the rear axle comes into action. The drive torque can be distributed between the front and rear axles according to the situation. The company's 4Matic system based on rear wheel drive is different. There is a 45:55 torque split between the front and rear axles during normal driving conditions and seventy percent of that torque can be directed to either axle when required. The torque variability of the new system allows for different driving modes which can be operated through a button on the dashboard. There are three modes; Eco, Sports and Manual. In Eco mode, less torque is directed to the rear which results in better handling and lower revs. In Sport and Manual, more torque is distributed to the rear axle. On the AMG versions, more torque is distributed to the rear axle to give the car a more rear-biased feel. The system is also linked to AMG's three stage electronically stability control system. The CLA Class is said to debut in early 2013 and will go on sale in the middle of next year as a 2014 model.
  5. Just a few months back, Mercedes Benz announced that they will release an AMG version of the A-Class. Known as the A 45 AMG, the car is said to rival other performance models such as the RS3 and the M135i and the car will get a rather powerful engine. The A45 AMG will be fitted with the M133 engine which is a turbocharged 2.0-litre, four cylinder unit. It makes around 350bhp and 400Nm of torque. The engine is fitted with a single Borg Warner twin scroll turbocharger which redlines at 6,300rpm. That sounds pretty impressive and it would be great if Mercedes Benz offers the same engine in other models. And that is exactly what the German auto giant is going to do. The M133 engine will be used on a new, upcoming model which is called the CLA-Class. The CLA-Class is said to be heavily based on a recent concept known as the Style Coupe Concept (top most image). The CLA-Class will be based on a front wheel drive or an all wheel drive platform and it is sized just below the C-Class. The transmission that will be used on the A 45 AMG is a new seven speed dual clutch gearbox and it is possible that it will be used on the CLA-Class. Obviously, the M133 engine will only be fitted to the highest grade of the CLA-Class. The base model will likely get a turbocharged four cylinder unit that makes around 210bhp. The A 45 AMG is set to debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March next year and the CLA will be introduced shortly after that. Mercedes Benz intends to offer both models for sale within a few moths after their debut.
  6. This is the newly revised Hyundai i20. It has 5 doors, 4 wheels, a steering wheel and is affordable. It won't be sold over here due to the fact that small cars aren't actually a worthwhile purchase due to the high COE prices. So it is actually pointless to talk about an affordable little subcompact that has recently been facelifted and features new fuel saving diesel and petrol engines. So lets talk about a not so affordable hatchback that would be sold here eventually- the new Mercedes Benz A-class. The car does not look like the previous Mercedes Benz A-class, instead of the MPV-like stance of the old car, the A-class is now a proper hatchback. It looks good too and it will be pitted directly against its rivals from BMW and Audi, the 1 series and A3 respectively. From the factor of styling alone I believe Mercedes Benz has nailed it. It looks so much better balanced than the BMW 1series and is even more avant garde than the clinical looking A3. The Mercedes Benz A-class is actually very un-Mercedes Benz-like in styling. The curves are very fashion forward and feature lines are very distinctive on the sides. It is styled to capture the youngish crowd and it works extremely well. I predict that the new A-class should bring in sales from people who never even considered a Mercedes Benz before. The front wheel drive A-class will have 4 cylinder engines from both Renault (via a JV arrangement kind of thing) and Mercedes itself. The petrol units will use a combination of turbocharging and direct-injection. The base 1.6-litre petrol engine will come from Renault. It will deliver 113bhp in the A180. Further up the line-up is the widely used Mercedes M270 engine. The Mercedes 1.6liter engine comes in two different states of tune -154bhp in the A200 and 208bhp in the A250. The A250 will be the one that pits the A-class against VW's Golf GTI. Expect right hand drive versions of the Mercedes Benz A-class to go on sale in early 2013. Also expect an AMG version that would give headaches to Audi RS3 and BMW M135i owners. The AMG A-class will be equipped with all-wheel drive and an AMG tuned Mercedes Benz 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder that is already rumoured to hammer out 350bhp. When that happens, who would have thought that a Mercedes Benz would be the hot hatch that motorheads would dream of having.
  7. [extract] Locally, the Mercedes Benz marque has always been known or seen as a rather upmarket name. Many also perceive that this brand name attracts older buyers rather than younger ones and thus the nickname