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Found 14 results

  1. i was just thinking, instead of every now and then we see ppl asking this car or that car, why not we have a place to share all our buying decision process. Everyone has a different buying process, depending on priority. So share share here what is yours. in fact its quite funny to see ppl copy and paste technical information, when sgcarmart has a function where we can compare 3-4 cars side by side. It even has a green tick to indicate which car has the best feature in that comparison. I think a compile thread of a buying process may help some who have no idea what they want. But they want to buy. What i use: want/need recognition I want to change car/I need to change car. deadline. My budget (fix range), any price below or above is out. type of car New or used Information collection searching the internal for information related to the range identified from step 1 short list Evaluation test drive feel the car features and requirements. final short list Finally, negotiate and BUY the one you like most! from 1000cc to 3500cc, from new cars to 9 yr old cars, there are at least a few hundred models to choose from. $90000 cash can buy you a brand new PRC made car in full cash, it can also buy you a used big conti car with a loan. Not to mention the inbetweens. So have a buying process, it can help you save alot of time and headache.
  2. I guess I am not the only frustrated owner to be waiting for LTA to approve VICOM and then VITAS. LTA says takes about a month to 2 before a Cat B car can be released... urm yes, a Cat B car and NOT a Cat A car so no issue of turbo or not... The purpose of this thread is to seek clarity on the process and procedures before the car can be released to the owner. There is no transparency from the authorities. Don't understand why one car has to go through 2 inspections and of different sorts to waste everyone's time. Couldn't this be done all at one queue and one visit? How many weeks to get an appointment to clear VICOM? 1 - 2 months. How many weeks to get another appointment to clear VITAS? 1 - 2 weeks. VICOM is causing the queue... true? VITAS can just queue on the spot and get cleared within a day while LTA takes an other week or 2 to issue the certificate... true? What do the check at VICOM or VITAS? The above all based on hear say... like i said, always hearing different things from people. Would appreciate feedback from folks who understand the system and clear serious doubts...
  3. With AA Trust, trust us with your car and have a worry free selling process. What you have to do is bring your car to us, let us know your targeted selling price; we will sell it for you. You may leave your car at our showroom, easier for buyer to view your car or you can continue driving until your car is sold; it’s up to your preference! Let’s do all the heavy lifting for you, we will leave our customer a hassle free selling experience. Your Trusted & Reliable Automotive Solution Call our friendly staff today! 63450381 / 63450381 View our consignment cars here
  4. Started in 2001, BW Automobiles Pte Ltd (formerly known as Benzworld) has come a long way in the premium automobile retail sector. Today, with 2 retail showrooms located in the East and Central region, 1 export division, 1 administrative office and a car rental & leasing arm, we have a total staff strength of more than 40. Services includes the sales and purchase of new/used cars, export/scrapping of old vehicles, auto financing & insurance, long and short term car rental and leasing, airport transfer and limousine services. Committed to providing our customers with products and services exceeding their expectation, we came out with our consignment program with the aim in mind to aid evry individuals in their tedious car selling experience. Understanding that the normal sale process can be time consuming due to amount of paperwork involved and not only that, sometimes the ideal price might not even be fetched. Through our consignment program, our experienced sales professional will handle the entire sale process for you. From the photo-taking to uploading of advertisement, handling of enquiries from potential buyers and eventually handling all documentations when a sale is made. You just have to let us know your ideal selling price and you can sit back and relax. Ready to consign your car with us? Let our sales professional assist you today! Address: 30 Ubi Road 4 Singapore 408615 Contact Person: Derek 9616 2000 View our car consignment car list here
  5. LifePro_Tips


    PCOM Automotive ERP Solutions – New and Used Car Dealer Software Singapore The common problems faced by conventional business owners are the time spent on tedious paper work and manual document filing processes, especially for those who are using different software or system for their accounting and daily business operation. Founded in 2002, PCOM Pte Ltd offers Industry Specific ERP Software Solutions and IT Services to help SMEs achieve higher work efficiency and productivity. The company serves over 140 companies from various Industries and employ over 30 staff in Singapore. The product is known for its PCOM Automotive ERP Solutions (previously known as ZWHEELS). This System is currently used by many leading companies in automotive industries. The modules included new and used vehicle trading software, parallel import software, motor insurance software, hire purchase software, car and machinery rental software, workshop management software, spare parts trading software, block discount software, floor stock software, hire purchase agency software and debt collection software. It believes that the best way to eliminate double work is to establish a total integrated software solution. PCOM Automotive ERP Solutions can be integrated with Mobile Tablet Applications, Web Solutions, Mobile Phone Applications, GPS System, Scheduling System, and SMS System. The company also provides other Solutions such as food catering software, retails and F&B POS software, distribution management software, project management software, job costing software, service scheduling software, pest control management software and many more. If there is additional information you would like to have regarding its products, please do not hesitate to contact PCOM Pte Ltd. The staff will be most happy to be of assistance. PCOM Pte Ltd Head Office: No 62 Ubi Road 1 #04-04 Oxley Bizhub 2 Singapore 408734 Tel: (65) 6538 9441 Fax: (65) 6538 9401 Branch Office: Blk 808 French Road #05-153 Kitchener Complex Singapore 200808 Tel: (65) 6396 6559 Fax: (65) 6396 6563 Website: www.pcompl.biz Sales Enquiry: enquiry@pcompl.biz
  6. I always see there are a number of "unused" COEs in every round of bidding even though the number of bids exceeded the quota...what do they mean?
  7. Hi everyone! I just recently concluded and paid deposit for a 2nd hand car. Gonna pay half of the amount and pay half with loan. But i wonder what is the safeguard for me? eg. if the bank pays the seller already. and i pay the seller half already. what if he doesn't transfer the car to me? how should i go about doing it? he recommended me a dealer to settle the paperwork and i don't mind la. what do you think?
  8. Ever since the whole Toyota recall debacle exploded late in 2009, one of the company's biggest problems has been the way it has responded to the problems. Many have criticized Toyota for either ignoring the problems or pretending that there is nothing wrong, but the company is now seeking to address that appearance by setting up rapid response teams to deal with reported incidents of unintended acceleration. For example, when a pair of alleged "unintended acceleration" incidents happened in San Diego and Connecticut, Toyota jumped in, sending out investigators to join government officials in trying to find out what happened.The new Swift Market Analysis Response Team (SMART) will now be immediately dispatched to the site of any reported unintended acceleration incident. The teams will consist of product engineers, field technical specialists and specially trained dealer technicians. Whenever dealers or Toyota are notified of an incident, the SMART team will head out to the site to evaluate the vehicle and gather evidence. Engineers from Toyota's Japanese product development teams will also assist in the analysis. Hopefully, a more thorough investigation of every reported case will provide Toyota with a larger pool of data from which it can gain a better understanding of what may or may not be happening. Even if there is not actually a problem, Toyota needs to prove so conclusively, because if these kinds of incidents continue happening, they will only damage the company's reputation further.
  9. Hello everyone, Visited a second-hand dealer and was told "G Process" fee of S$1.2K is an industry practice, is this true? Was told it involves touching-up vehicle and sending it for STA inspection. Appreciate if someone could kindly shed light on this. Thanks.
  10. Hi folks. I went to Sim Lim Square today to get a hard drive and walked past Perfect Watch and Electronics on the ground floor. Made a huge mistake by walking in and ended up with a new GPS. I already have a Garmin C320 (as seen here: http://www.bmw-sg.com/forums/interior-sect...html#post107675 ) but when I saw the wide 4.3" screen of the Nuvi 610, I just couldn't resist it. So I ended up with it. I apologise for the camera phone quality pictures. Now to the unveiling. The box Map details Ohhh... What's this? Stuff in the box I took them out and laid them out on my couch. Clockwise: Nuvi 610, carrying pouch, literature and CD ROM, USB cable, dash mount, windscreen mount, cigarette lighter charger, AC charger and adaptor Peel off the screen protector Turn it on Tells me what to do The main menu The travel kit menus Very nice MP3 interface Address search menu System Menu Installation pics coming soon. Stay tuned.... .
  11. Part 1: Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bzv2NSU3R_I Part 3:
  12. Found this very heart wrenching chinese posting. http://www.mumoo.com/cowshed/ShowPost7350.html
  13. Link to original article There is a lot of confusion about the difference between a polish, and a wax. Many companies are marketing waxes and paint protectants as polishes and glazes and the terms have become almost interchangeable. Professionals know there is a big difference. Meguiar's is a true polish manufacture. That is, unlike many of our competitors that can only offer you a few products for cars with cured paint, Meguiar's product range runs from the highest quality finishing papers in the industry, to state-of-the-art pure synthetic paint protectants, to everything in-between. Example: Most companies only offer the following products: Car wash Pre-wax cleaner One or two waxes (usually some type of natural wax or polymer/silicone synthetic protectant) Multi-surface vinyl protectant And sometimes one or more of the following: Some type of wheel cleaner, leather treatment, or tire dressing.Because they offer such a limited selection, and often times don't even manufacture the products themselves, they really have no expertise when it comes to formulating complex products that professionals require as an intricate part of performing their job duties as skilled craftsman. This is why frequently you will see a product whose purpose is to protect the paint labeled as a polish. Instead of merely defining the difference between a polish and a wax, below you will find the Meguiar's 5-Step Paint Care Cycle and the products and procedures for each of the 5 steps. Meguiar's 5-Step Paint Care Cycle The 5-step paint care cycle outlines the 5 basic but important procedures and the accompanying products that enable you to restore and maintain a show car shine on your car's finish. Below are the 5 categories of products including pure polishes and cleaner/polishes as they are placed in the 5-step paint care cycle. The 5-Step Paint Care Cycle includes: Step 1 Washing Product Procedure Wash Solutions Washing Washing removes loose surface dirt and loose contaminants that have not yet bonded to the surface. All Meguiar's wash products are specially formulated to clean well without stripping wax protection or dulling and drying out all paint types. All Meguiar's washes also contain special conditioning agents that leave behind a slick, high gloss surface. Because most people wash their car more than any other procedure, it's important to use a car wash solution that is specifically formulated for the unique chemistry used to make modern clear coats. Above all, avoid using common dishwashing detergents because these products are extremely harsh and tend to dull the finish down with each use. Dish soaps are also hard on other materials and components such as rubber, vinyl and plastics, remember, when you wash your car with dish soap everything is subjected to the dulling and drying effects high alkaline soaps cause to your vehicle. Step 2 Cleaning or Surface Prep Product Procedure Paint cleaners Removing below surface defects Clay bars Removing above surface contaminants Surface Prep includes both paint cleaning (not to be confused with the washing step), and claying the finish (with a clay bar). To help you accomplish these two steps, Meguiar's offers a number of safe but effective paint cleaners and an easy to use clay bar kit that includes everything you need to clay your car's finish. Paint Cleaners This includes highly specialized Compounds and Paint Cleaners, which utilize both microscopic and macroscopic diminishing abrasives
  14. Dear all, I have been informed that the Octavia II models are currently undergoing homogulation at LTA. For those who are keen to have a feel and drive of the Octavia II, please be patient. The display and test drive units (less VRS) should be ready in 4 to 5 weeks' time.