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  1. Million $$$ Man Ted Dibiase!!!
  2. happened to chanced upon some old chinese songs of the past... really bring back memories of my youth.... anyone here belong to the same gen?
  3. HI anyone can advice any insurance coy as i got hard time getting insurance for my car as i had claim 3 times in the past 3 years cheers.
  4. Here is a list of both senior public officers and politicians (except one) charged and convicted in court of corruption as accordance to CPIB's website: Senior Public Officers http://app.cpib.gov.sg/cpib_new/user/default.aspx?pgID=236 Choy Hon Tim : the largest total bribe amount in CPIB's history Choy Hon Tim, the former Director of the Electricity Department as well as the Deputy Chief Executive (Operations) of the Public Utilities Board (PUB) may not be the most senior public officer investigated by the Bureau, but his case involved the largest amount of bribes uncovered. He was investigated in 1995 following allegations that he had received kickbacks in return for awarding contracts to suppliers and contractors of PUB when he was a Chief Electrical Engineer of PUB. Choy was subsequently charged for obtaining gratifications totalling $13.85 million. He was convicted and sentenced to 14 years' jail term and the $13.85 million bribe obtained by him was forfeited to the State. ***** Yeo Seng Teck : Trade Development Board Chief Yeo Seng Teck, then Chief Executive Officer of Trade Development Board was investigated in 1993 for cheating offences dating back to 1988. Investigation revealed that he had used forged document to cheat his principals (in this case, the organisations he was working for) involving the purchase of Chinese antiques worth about $2 million. He was subsequently charged and convicted for cheating offences and sentenced to 4 years' imprisonment. ***** Lim How Seng : Director of Singapore History Museum Lim How Seng was charged for corruptly receiving two loans of $20,000 each from a private vendor named 3G Studio. In return, Lim recommended a contract for the production of a new 3-dimensional show at the museum to be awarded to 3G Studio. He was sentenced to 3 month's imprisonment and ordered to pay a $20,000 penalty. **** Andrew Goh Keng Guan : Assistant Head, Talent Group, Economic Development Board. Andrew Goh, the Assistant Head of Talent Group took bribes totalling $380,000 from seven Chinese nationals between February 1999 and June 2001. In return, he helped the 7 Chinese nationals by processing their application for permanent residency in Singapore. Andrew was sentenced to 26 months' imprisonment and the money he took from the seven Chinese nationals was forfeited. ***** Ong Beng Leong : Commanding Officer of Training Resources Management Centre Ong Beng Leong, a Lieutenant Colonel in the SAF, was the Commanding Officer of Training Resource Management Centre (TRMC) from 1st April 1999 to 14th December 2001. During this period, he knowingly accepted fictitious quotes submitted to him by the sole-proprietor of Sin Hiaptat Construction. According to financial procedures, he should have sourced for quotations from other contractors. Ong had then gone on to award contracts to the Sin Hiaptat Construction. He was later charged and convicted for using false documents to deceive his principal (i.e. his employer in this case), an offence under section 6© of the Prevention of Corruption Act, Cap 241. He was sentenced to 1.5 months' imprisonment. ***** Politicians http://app.cpib.gov.sg/cpib_new/user/default.aspx?pgID=237 "There is no way a Minister can avoid investigations and a trial if there is evidence to support one". - then Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, quoted in the Straits Times, Jan 27, 1987 Tan Kia Gan : Minister for National Development Tan Kia Gan, then Minister for National Development, was investigated in August 1966 for attempting to help his close businessman friend Lim Tjin Hauw and his son William Lim to clinch the sale of Boeing aircraft to Malaysian Airways. He also acted as an intermediary for his brother-in-law in the sale of a
  5. My friend was a bump before NS, after that he became more serious, re-did his O-level as a private student and finally got his diploma. He told people NS changed his life:- the disciplines, etc and confinement in camp gave him time to think about his future. I also have friends came out of NS same, or even worse, than before. My lessons in NS were very small:- field camp ------> appreciate basic comfort in civilian life, keng-kings colleagues in camp ----> how to spot keng-staff at work Not sure more positive or negative lessons which we can use in current work, or even just civilian life.
  6. work in Raffles. since 10am, there are like around 15 times already aeroplane, non-commercial type, zooming through the air. NDP is near... but fly past don't need to practice so many times right? some more in CBD strange ar.
  7. Anyone tried past life regression??? Pls share your experiences...
  8. twice or 3-times a year, i always dream exams tomorrow but i havent even got any notes to study or attended any classes..... wake up cold sweats.... wish dreams more xmm instead.
  9. anybody knows if the redlight camera has speed detectors inbuilt? suppose you sped past a redlight camera and there was a flash, will you be caught for speeding on top of failure to stop for red light? or just failure to stop for red light only? also if 2 cars sped past the same redlight camera, will both cars get summoned?
  10. another wtf article... who was actually surveyed.. how did they conduct the survey?? according to the article..72% of sg employees would be happier working two years past the official retirement age without any additional financial benefit.. funny thing is none of my colleagues felt this way... so i guess we belong to the other 28% of singaporeans http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1136425/1/.html Most S'poreans want to work past retirement age: survey By Jonathan Peeris | Posted: 21 June 2011 2254 hrs SINGAPORE : Singaporean employees want to work past the retirement age and upgrade their skills, according to the latest Randstad Workmonitor survey released on Tuesday. It found that 72 per cent of Singaporean employees would be happier working two years past the official retirement age without any additional financial benefits. The survey also showed that 66 per cent of Singapore employees interviewed said their career now demands more education and training than ever before, while more than a third said they felt their current job was beyond their current abilities. Interestingly, four out of ten people surveyed would prefer a position with more responsibility, even if there was no increase in salary. The survey also indicated a high level of confidence among employees, with 61 per cent believing recruitment of good talent had been increasing since the financial crisis and 65 per cent believing their companies were in a good position to hire well-qualified staff. The findings also indicated a four per cent rise in employee satisfaction to 61 per cent among Singapore employees since its last quarterly release. However, 74 per cent felt that more people would leave to work abroad in the future. Randstad regional director for Singapore and Malaysia, Karin Clarke, said this highlighted the priority for employers to focus on strong talent retention and attraction strategies. The research surveyed 405 Singaporeans from May 2 to 13, as part of a global quarterly survey of 13,565 employees, which tracks employee confidence, mobility, job satisfaction and personal motivation. - CNA/al
  11. PAP May 9, 2011 Past struggles forgotten by young: MM By Elgin Toh MINISTER Mentor Lee Kuan Yew gave his first - albeit indirect - assessment of the 2011 general election result on Sunday, remarking at a community event in Tanglin Halt that the younger generation 'does not remember from whence we came'. 'That is to be expected,' he said. 'But I do and those amongst you who are older than 50 will remember.' Why keep talking about old times? New age comes wif new issues and challenges. You pay yourselves high salaries just to talk old stories to us? Wif due respect, Singaporeans do remember wat the old guards accomplished but u simply allowed this to get into yr heads and ride on past accomplishments. 'And do not believe that the Singapore flight can be on auto-pilot. We will run into a storm, we will run into all kinds of emergencies and we must have good pilots on board,' he added. Mr Lee was speaking after a Thank You parade with five other MPs-elect for Tanjong Pagar GRC and Radin Mas SMC. They toured Tanjong Pagar GRC on an open-top bus on Sunday to thank residents for their support at the just-ended general election. MM Lee's five-member People's Action Party team was returned uncontested on Nomination Day, while Mr Sam Tan won Radin Mas single-seat ward with 67.1 per cent of votes. Many Singaporeans were pleasantly surprised to catch a glimpse of the 87-year-old Minister Mentor, who stood and waved at them as the bus wound its way from Tanjong Pagar Plaza to Tanglin Halt, passing by Chinatown and The Pinnacle HDB estate. Apart from Mr Lee and Mr Tan, Dr Lily Neo, Major General (NS) Chan Chun Sing, Ms Indranee Rajah and Dr Chia Shi-Lu were also on the bus. Asked by reporters later about the drop in the PAP's vote share from 66.6 per cent in 2006 to 60.1 per cent in this year's general election, he said: 'I've also noticed that and I'm sure the Prime Minister and his team will sit down carefully and analyse the reasons and adapt our policies. I can't say more. I'm not the Prime Minister.' Then appoint u as MM wif million dollar salary for wat huh?
  12. I am trying to recall incident that happen in the past 4 years that left me wondering why on earth there are such MPs around: 1. Wee Siew Kim's daughter and her infamous blog 2. White horse. Justifying the need to attend to them during NS. 3. Losing scholars to investment bankers and " we lost millions". Funny thing not many, or shall I say very very few scholars actually signed up to join PAPAs Any more to list down?
  13. Since 2006, many changes have been made in the political scene round the world. We have Malaysia where the ruling party since independence has suffered severe losses to the opposition while in libya and egypt, once thought presidents for life have been overthrown (or at least in the process of being over thrown) by the general public (note, not a coup). So it is not impossible for something to happen in this election to the ruling party. What say you?
  14. Many of us feel that the Korean car makers are going to repeat what Jap makers did when Jap cars started to conquer the car market (at least in terms of mass market) in the 80s/90s. But have Korean car makers really done as much as the Jap in their respective initial period entering the world market? For example, the Datsun 510 (aka Bluebird, forefather of Sunny?) in the early 70s was already considered by many as giving the BMW 2002 (forefather of 3-series)a good run for the money. It had independent suspension and won races against BMWs, Alfas, etc of the day. Even today the 510s are still terrorising 2002 etc on track. Now, do we see any Korean cars doing the same, challenging the BMW todays? Then they had the 240Z, Celica, to fight with the European models with not bad successes on track and in sales.... where are the Korean today, are they doing the same? Having said all this, I still have hope and respect for the Korean brands that they will truly make it not only in sales, but on track also... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Datsun_510 here's the original skyline in the 60s....
  15. Hi guys, May I know if there's any methods whereby I can check how many past owners does the 2nd hand car that I'm planning to buy soon have? Even though the SE told me, there's only 1 ex-owner but how can I be sure that she's being honest? Thx for your help.
  16. Hello, I am sourcing on behalf of my nephew (who will be taking his PSLE in the coming year), on education centre or course. I hope the courses can increase the confident of my nephew before he take PSLE. Any users / parents have good recommendation with the learning centre? Or do you have any experience to share with me? I would appreciate your kind reply Thanks in advance
  17. I was looking thru the past COE prices and quota for past years since 2004. Wow! So much changes. For Cat A, there used to be about 2500 quota per month. Now less than 600!! Which means those bread and butter Borneo Motors, Cycle Carriage, Kah Motors, Tan Chong and Korean dealers all eating grass now ah?? Now wonder last time so many complains of them so yaya papaya lah... now every 2 weeks share 600 new car sales among all. Profits must be nose-diving. i wonder how they restructure their business operations. On the other hand for Cat B, the quota used be ard 1000plus odds, now ard 500. Not as drastic as Cat A. Now you know why nowadays see more and more 2litre new cars as relative to Cat A. The first half of 2009 was the cheapest to get a car. CAT A COE was less than $10k. Shld have gotten a better ride back then. :( http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/COE_past.php?YR=2010&CAT=a
  18. Had the problem for the past 2 hours of slow connection to MCF...... A reply took me 2 minutes to pop up and also login to view other thread also took 2 minutes....... anyone having this problem........
  19. Locals: Foreign Legion: Thanks for the memories
  20. With heavy heart I have to announce we just lost a great legend . Hiromu Naruse He was well-known engineer/craftsman of legends who has been involved in the development of many renowned Toyota vehicles, including the Toyota 2000GT, Celica, the AE86; Corolla Levin/Sprinter Trueno), MR2, and Altezza and the LFA. He died just yesterday, 23 July in the new Lexus LFA N
  21. Drove past leng Kee road just now. peak inside the major car brand showrooms, not many people inside, so will next week coe price drop? teacher point out my error Thanks
  22. I think he is trying to say that without ERP, COE will be much higher so fewer people can own cars. Unfortunately, he worded his reply poorly. Link
  23. I believe this is really evident these days. You need the car, it is financially draining and at the same time, you are servicing the dastardly loan. Let this be known. The car you currently keep is cheaper than buying a new one. Don't believe for the fact that statistics have shown that cars are less than 5yrs old in SG doesn't mean that you need to get a new car when your current car is 5yrs old. Don't let that car salesperson con you into a new one and your current one should be unloved and uncared. This post is in the Maintenance folder and we are addressing maintenance issues for cars going past their warranty. Firstly, these are experiences with a 4.5yr old GM crap that is, should I say, pretty much a slave that does its master's bidding. Since engine performance is on the minds of everyone, I will address engine performance first. Air intake Leave this alone. No need for crazy CAI or anything. Maybe you can get rid of the resonator but I doubt it will help that much in performance. However, you do get rid of an extraneous system for maintenance. For all I know, this box collects leaves and other fluff. I got rid of mine. Ignition By far this is the most critical to performance. This is the system that will fail you without a doubt. Ignition wire sets, coils and flywheel pickup sensors are subject to the most wear and tear. Petrol is a spark ignited fuel. So it pays to pay for maintaining this area. I suggest everyone to change out their ignition system just before the warranty expires. The car will indeed feel like when you first got it. FC will improve, power will improve. Everything. Spark plugs are subjective. I run a fuel that is sensitive to ignition problems. I'm using cheapo BKR6E11 plugs. No fancy Iridium or double platinium. With new wire sets, the car on CNG does not suffer any loss of power. I can't even feel it. No jerking, no hesitation. So I can say, Iridium and Platinium are hype in terms of performance. However, I would not say they are hype in longevity. Get them if you hate changing plugs on a yearly basis. If you cover on average 25k km a year, these plugs can last you 4yrs without a plug change. Make sure you use OE replacements or equivalents. Do not use performance ignition parts especially wire sets. If you are using equivalents, stick to good names like NGK, Denso, Bosch and even ACDelco. Cooling system If you can, change to use a metal thermostat housing should your car comes with a plastic one. Plastic ones crack over time and fail. Use good long life coolant. Always 50/50 mix. 40% antifreeze is the lowest you should go. Do not go further down than that. Don't buy cheapo coolant/antifreeze. You can use tap water since ours is pretty soft. There is no need for distilled water. Just change it during the timing belt change. Emissions This is often overlooked. As someone said it here. Who the f*** cares. It won't spoil. Just leave the stupid O2 sensor in there. Well, it won't get bad but its performance will get bad. Old O2 sensors are slow. Slow will make your engine respond slower. In OBDII cars, the primary O2 sensor before the cat actually does the fuel trim. The hot exhaust cleans it but it too has a life. Typically from 100-160k km. If your car is past this mileage, change it out to a fresh new one. The secondary O2 sensor that is after the cat does not send signals for fuel trim. The ECU only reads it to check if the cat is working. It is not necessary to change this one unless the OBDII fault code signals an inefficient cat. Pray that this is the secondary O2 sensor failing and not the cat dying. Crankcase oil Otherwise PCMO, engine oil. Stick to intervals stated in the manual. If you cover 25k a year, you should go through 2 oil changes at least. Stick to what the manual says unless it is absolutely moronic like mine. 10W40 and 20W50 but recommend GF3? Who are these guys that write the manual. I would say, stick with GF4 oil. SM grade is just the API grade but GF4 is the gold standard. The GF4 tests are so torturous, the oils that make it are very good. Don't buy hype. Buy what your car needs and this isn't necessarily synthetic. I'm using any cheap GF4 oil. Do note that some engines are weird and need to burn oil. So GF4 isn't necessary for all cars but it does for most on the roads. Well that's for for now.
  24. Interesting articule at http://editorial.autos.msn.com/article.asp...cumentid=656470 . A while ago, I posted the opinion of Taiwanese Car Magazine on their prediction that manual will be history. It seems like Ang Mos have the same thought too. Regards,
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