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  1. Silver_blade

    How many of u r changing holiday plans?

    Have to also check if TW will allow Singaporean entering their country closer to the date.
  2. My neighbour send it right after CNY PH. He wasn’t very happy about it tho 😅😅😅
  3. Maybe we now have a ‘silent’ export ban. One of my neighbour had his mask parcel intercepted. He was sending it to his brother in Taiwan.
  4. You have a point there. Now in kiasi mode. 🤣 Some ppl are just like that. Don’t have social responsibility. Some don’t even care for free safety of their family members, where got time to care for others. Just look at the number of rear passengers not belted up, kids on the right type of child seat/booster seat? I have been wearing seat belt since the 80’s. Over 30 yrs later, we still see too many ppl not belted up. But most car buyers know how to look out for car safety features eg. no. of airbags, crash rating,
  5. Maybe it is in our DNA. We are generally ppl who either bochap or super scare.....no in between. I guess it is cos wearing a mask can be uncomfortable in our climate and leh chey. Ppl may also think it is just a flu, no big deal. Why waste money on mask.
  6. Maybe more singaporean should gossip less and have more situational awareness. Take a deep breath, take a step back and see what we can do with the things we have in hand. REst of the thing can be settled after we are out of the wood. A few day before CNY, I was at Watson's and saw hand sanitisers on sale. I was telling my kids I am surprised it is still on sale. I would have tot it would have been one of the items that should be in increasing demand cos of what is happening in Wuhan. I didn't get any cos we always have some hand sanitizers, plenty of wet wipes, some surgical mask, N95 mask, surgical gloves, etc at home cos we have children at home + seasonal haze problem + seasonal flu, etc.
  7. Which is why some taiwanese medical experts are questioning if their gov should allow the public to buy 2 mask per adult/week when their COVID-19 community infection is low. They feel this move is not ideal at this point of time cos securing new raw material may be a problem and not know how long or serious this crisis will be.
  8. Make sense. I doubt most countries will be allowing cruise ship to dock at their port unless it is one at is based or registered in that country. Most will just dock at Cambodia. 😅😅
  9. Shocking. Wonder what makes them take this kind of action. I can sort of understand why they kept ppl on board cos their healthcare system may not be able to handle such numbers at one go. But I didn’t expect them to keep the ppl on board for so long.
  10. Malaysia is also running out of material for hand sanitiser and plastic bottles cos the supply come from China.
  11. Actually I am quite surprise what the way the Japs are handling COVID-19 crisis. You would have tot they will be more careful, organised and systematic at handling it. I heard they did not house those with symptoms in a separate part of the ships. They just kept everyone in their existing room.
  12. I hope ppl will start to wear mask when their are sick in the future and keep some mask at home. Otherwise I doubt many will have masks at home when the next virus crisis hit us. The last one that unsettled Singaporean at such a scale was SARS in 2003, 17yrs ago. You reckon many ppl will make sure they have some masks at home, keep the masks up to date, etc for 10yrs or more, without using regularly when someone in the family is ill? People may just go back to the old lifestyle again, just like how some of us deal with haze situation. After a decades of haze problem, we still see ppl rushing out to buy N95 masks and snapped up every available one on the shelves when we are hit by serious haze problem. So far, I feel some people are focusing too much what we don’t have easy access to (and probably less important at this point) and over look the more critical aspects such trying to improve on our own personal hygiene, etc. I bet many of us have seen ppl using hand sanitiser or wash their hands correctly, only to wipe or touch their trousers before eating or touching their face. Some couldn’t even be bothered to wash their hands. Or people handling their mask wrongly.
  13. Agree. No incentive for them to take the risk to play an open game. I believe the Anfield’s atmosphere will play a huge part in the return leg.