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  1. Up till this point, liverpool will be lucky walking away with a point.
  2. Dubious decisions aside. Liverpool continue to play badly, like in the last few games. Passing was poor, giving away balls too easily and was slow.
  3. Silver_blade

    Brexit ? No-deal on 31st October

    Any delay will cost both the Uk and EU money and destablise the region. But EU also does want the Uk to leave without a deal cos EU do sell quite a bit of stuff to the UK and access to the north sea
  4. Silver_blade

    Hong Kong protesters demonstrate against extradition bill

    Whack your own home is easier mah than whacking mainland China. Really funny that they are destroying their own home when their real 'enemy' is China.
  5. Silver_blade

    Brexit ? No-deal on 31st October

    Agree that this should be further delayed since there is no viable solution that will get the majority vote from the UK parliament or one that the EU will agree. In the 1st place, ppl should stopped arguing if Brexit is should or should not to ahead cos the ppl has voted to leave. Ppl can argue that the Brexiteers pulled the figures from thin air and ppl are deceived into believing a dream that will not be fully materialised. The same can be said of the Remainners who also pull figures from thin air to 'scare' ppl to vote to remain. At the end of the day, a bit more ppl voted to believe in one lie over another. Hopefully, ppl will learn from Brexit and use their votes more responsibly, not use it as 'protest' vote against the incumbent and get the shocking result that they don't really want.
  6. Silver_blade

    Hong Kong protesters demonstrate against extradition bill

    What will be too easy for PLA to fall for it. 🙂
  7. I was surprised to see how cool he was when he scored...especially the 2nd one.
  8. You are right. The similarity between Norwich and Wolves are quite the same. Before this match, I didn't think Adama Traore of wolve is such a cool scorer.
  9. Silver_blade

    Hong Kong protesters demonstrate against extradition bill

    I suspect they may lose steam if they have no opposition and realised they are free to destroy HK.
  10. Defenders are lousy and their front mens were very well marked. Wolves is giant killer.
  11. Today is Liverpool's day. A penalty to the rescue.
  12. This is cool. I have been to Anfield a few times and passed by on many occasions....but have never watch a match there.
  13. Silver_blade

    Haze Updates 2018 / 2019

    Wind direction has been quite good to Singapore F1 so far....haxe cleared just before the race start, except 1 year. I will just bring a mask along this weekend.
  14. Silver_blade

    Singapore F1 Merchandise

    Along Orchard Road has a few eg. outside Wisma, Ngee Ann City, Mandarin Hotel, etc. Pretty sure outside Raffles City will have one too.
  15. These are not real Man City fans... not that i care