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Found 31 results

  1. Hi all, as above question........ say i got $50k cash, which FD account has highest interest? pls dun tell me about whatever investment scheme or whatnot.... not interested in investments for this sum of $$.
  2. Need a bit of advice, please. Had a bit of AUD$ in a bank (which shall remain nameless for now) and am absolutely fed up with their (lack of) service. Would like to transfer that out into a new foreign currency fixed deposit with another bank while I wait for the AUD to (hopefully) pick up in strength vs the SGD. I'm looking for a tenure of 6 months (min) to 12 months (max). Which bank(s) would you recommend based on: 1) best interest rate for AUD FCFD? 2) least hassle in starting up an acct? 3) least overheads (fees) in starting up an acct? I intend to put the $$ in via a demand draft, but I can also do a wire transfer (some fees involved with the latter). The amount is not a lot but it should be more than enough to meet the "minimum" criteria for most FCFD (over $10k AUD). I'm just looking for a good place to park this small amount for a short time. I've only explored DBS in detail right now - they're giving just over 4% for a 6 month tenure, with 0.125% fees (min $10, max $120) to start the A/C. Maybank seems to be giving better rates on their website (4.75% for AUD with 12 month tenure), but I haven't called them up. Could those with experience with other banks please advise? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi everyone, I put a $3K initial deposit for a new Honda car but had to cancel the order due to some personal reason. Kah Motors not willing to refund my deposit but they willing to transfer my deposit to another buyer as a special case. Rather than forfeit all the $3K, I'm willing to discount $500 off the deposit to anyone interested to buy a new Honda. Everything will be done legally at Kah Motors so this is a legit deal. If anyone is interested or know of relatives or friends who are interested, please contact me at 98077700. Thanks.
  4. What happens? Any way to negotiate to get back deposit???
  5. My PI didn't return the coe deposit and has been giving excuses to delay and delay. It is 10k and do I go to CASE? Or small claims?
  6. Dear all, Had scrapped my car last year end.. so I rented a car from a contact I saw on gumtree. It was a manual Toyota Vios, and was $1,100 monthly, with a deposit of $500. When I signed the contract, i checked and noticed the company name. Everything went well from the car collection to the driving. Until I went overseas for reservist. We agreed that I will return the after i drive for 3 weeks due to reservist, and collect back after CNY. After that, the day before I was supposed to return the car, the car battery went flat. So i called the person and he arranged tow truck to tow the car to workshop change battery. After that, I left and went overseas. When I was back before CNY, I called the person up and we agreed to collect the vehicle 1 day before CNY eve. Hours before the collection, he showed me pictures of the car getting into accident with a Malaysia Truck. So I have no car to drive. Fine, So i waited until after CNY. So this week, Monday he say will give me a reply. Call him/SMS, no response. So I keep calling and sms still no reply. Yesterday reply me say will give me answer by today. Up till now nothing. Call him no pick up. SMS no reply. I think I most likely kena conned already. Money fly away. I hope nobody else need to go through whatever I have gone through. Please only rent from reputable car rental companies. I have learnt a lesson in pain.
  7. For those for did not got their COE after 6 bids. Have you got your deposit back from Cycle and Carriage yet?
  8. Hi All, Need your opinion on something. I signed a sales agreement but there was a major feature missing. I spoke to my SA and we managed to iron things out. I was offered a chance to either top up for that option at dealer cost and indent the car (3-4 mths wait) or I could get my money back now. This is a guaranteed Coe with rebate is at 57K. We currently have a really old car to drive that's still alright so getting around isn't a big issue. Would you guys take the current price + top up and hope for a lower Coe come Nov -Dec. The top end is capped and there maybe quite a bit of downside. Or just take back the deposit and wait... I really like the car. But this experience has kinda soured my experience. I'm not angry but a bit upset with the way things have turned. What are you views? Cheers J
  9. Oh boy, such thing can have a following....... http://www.discuss.com.sg/showthread.php/14341-Lucky-Timing-to-deposit-money-into-bank
  10. My company issued me a OCBC bank cheque. I wrote my POSB bank acc number and phone number etc. Suppose to drop it into POSB bank but instead dont know what I thinking that day dropped it into OCBC bank. Will there be any complications or anything? Many thanks
  11. Good day to all MCFers, Got a few cash cards going to expire really soon and I was wondering if it is possible to refund the $5 deposit that I paid when buying it. Where do I go to do it? Or is it totally no refund? Thanks in advance for advices. Cheers.
  12. Hi, Just to check what is the normal amount for used car deposit? I know that there is no straight rule, but is there any industry norm? Any difference from direct seller and car dealers? Also, does it depends on the value of the car? Less than 100k say $1k, more than 100k say $2k? Thanks.
  13. I understand that for bank/finance insitutions there is a clause that says "Under the deposit insurance scheme, your Singapore dollar deposits in savings, current and fixed deposit accounts with a full bank or finance company in Singapore have a total coverage of up to S$20,000 per institution." I remember a while back there was also a mention of "The Singapore Government will guarantee all bank deposits till 31 Dec 2010". Does the first statement before the government guarantee makes you feel insecure? Is it wiser to distribute your savings across mulltiple banks?
  14. I wonder if such a thing would happen to car insurance. Insurer cancelling your policy to avoid paying. Insurer told to pay $600,000 deposit to defend suit By K. C. Vijayan, Law Correspondent 1 July 2011 AN INSURER, which cancelled a policy taken up by a jeweller after the shop suffered an $857,000 loss in an armed robbery, was ordered to pay 70 per cent of the sum, about $600,000, as a deposit with the court - if it wanted to defend the suit. Liberty Insurance has until July 8 to pay the deposit, or judgment would be given to Yong Sheng Goldsmith, said High Court Assistant Registrar Fong Mian Yi in a judgment released yesterday. The jeweller in New Upper Changi Road had sued Liberty for $857,000 - the value of gold jewellery items lost when three armed men staged a lightning grab-and-go raid in April last year. Yong Sheng, which sells gold and diamond jewellery and precious stones and also makes jewellery, had paid about $15,000 a year in premiums to cover all stock and merchandise used in the business. Under the policy, first taken up in 2003, the insurer was to indemnify the jeweller for losses suffered as a result of a hold-up or armed robbery, up to a policy limit of $3 million. The insurer's loss adjusters assessed the market value of the gold seized at $857,441. Yong Sheng notified the insurer's agent, Mr Johnny Tan, of its claim for reimbursement, but was told, some seven months later, that the policy had been cancelled. Liberty claimed Yong Sheng had failed to inform the insurer that its business had been disrupted by loan sharks on five occasions, between October 2009 and March last year, before the commencement of the policy. Liberty returned the $14,996 annual premiums paid. Yong Sheng, represented by lawyers Charles Phua and Stephen Cheong from Tan Kok Quan Partnership, refused to bank in the cheque and pointed out that the loan-shark incidents occurred after the policy was signed. The jeweller's director, Mr Lim Chow Kiat, also informed Mr Tan when the loan-shark harassments occurred. The police officer investigating the case also told Yong Sheng that the harassments were not linked to the armed robbery. The insurer, defended by lawyer N.K. Rajarh, argued that the last page of the proposal form carried two dates - Oct 13, 2009 and Nov 16, 2009 - and by the latter date, Yong Sheng would have known it had been subject to loan-shark harassments. However, Yong Sheng's copy of the form showed only one date - Oct 13, 2009. The jeweller was perplexed by the two dates on the insurer's copy, pointing out this issue had not been brought to its attention until the hearing day. Assistant Registrar Fong said the inclusion of the later date - Nov 16, 2009 - on the defendant's copy 'appears extremely shady and looks like an afterthought'. 'This is especially so given the very narrow space into which the date was squeezed. It is also illogical the proposal form should bear two dates.' She called this defence 'exceptionally dubious'. However, as neither side could explain the discrepancy or the circumstances surrounding the two dates at this stage of the hearing, a summary judgment against the insurer was not possible without a proper probe into the facts. The Assistant Registrar also found that as Mr Tan was an agent of the insurer, his knowledge of the harassment incidents was taken to mean the insurer also knew.
  15. Kwanheng

    Car deposit

    Hi bros, I got a story to share, and I need advise on my end. My parents are dealing in mobile crane business, recently they wanted to close down the company. Last month they got a buyer who made a deposit of 20k without asking the vehicle history. A few weeks later they buyer pop up with another buyer who is buying the crane from the first buyer. And after the 2nd buyer inspect the crane they found out that the vehicle font dash was replace as it was in a minor accident. However due to parts limitation it was replaced by parts from a older modal crane. Now the first buyer demand my dad to return his deposit after 1 month else he will sue my dad. My dad did sign a voucher Which contain his ic number, sale price, deposit price. but it does not show the terms and condition for the deposit when he sign it! Now after asking the buyer to send us his copy of voucher the voucher has been edited and it's written in a different hand writing saying dealer must return deposit if the crane fails the inspection. Bros please advise, thank you for reading my store:)
  16. Knightsljx

    Removing brake dust deposit

    hi bros, does anyone have any good recommendation for removing brake dust that have sort of hardened? like caked onto the rim. especially for matt rims. thanks
  17. Does cheque ever got lost in deposit box?? I thought it's much safer than send cheque by post... I deposited a cheque in RBS bank last Friday, till today still haven't clear. Called them, asked me to cheque with issuing bank... Duh! Hello? Of course it is not cleared that y I call u what! .... then asked me to send the cheque again.. duh DUH! Hello? I deposit at your bank branch leh, not by postal.... then he put me on hold....asked me cheque number and issuing bank, said will check and get back to me...by when? by Monday! Hello! My cheque already one week in that box and my payment due date is getting nearer and now you take so long to check? ... TGIF... still have to stress over such matter..
  18. Eric76

    COE bid deposit

    Just watch the news it said the bidding deposit will down to 5k from Oct onwards, what's the implication? More guts for dealers to bid so higher COE?
  19. hi all, i've been checking out the fixed deposit and structured deposit products and i need some advices. by the way, these are 100% guaranteed return and 100% principal guaranteed products UNLIKE Lehman's mini-bonds. fixed deposit -> highest interest rates is from maybank, 1% pa for 18 months structured deposit -> 3.5%, 6.5%, 11.5% for 5 years maturity -> there are so many and each has its own pros and cons such as got penalty for early redemption, admin charges, low/high/potential growth, payout is made quarterly/yearly/maturity, insurance coverage, etc 1. what one must take note for structured deposit T&C ? 2. guaranteed % return range between 3% - 5%. some products have "potential" upside/growth to make it 11% - 12%. is potential = nonsense ? 3. i have made it very clear that my requirement is 100% got return + 100% principal guarantee, so RISK should be ZERO. what other hidden cost might involve that dilute my principal ? 4. Any products that you have found suitable for ZERO risk taker who just want the $$ to work slightly harder ? This is the % of cash that I need to keep in the bank for rainy days in addition to % cash that already invested in the stocks (blue chip). And, property investment is not something that I'm keen for another 2 years or so. Beside, the cash is not enough to hoot mid-to-high end property. Thanks !
  20. Ysc3

    What is time deposit ?

    anyone knows what's a time deposit ?? how is it diff from fixed deposit ?
  21. Hi bro/sis, Thinking of getting one digital safe box (like those hotel size) to put my 2 diamonds and 1 goldbar Any reliable brand (support 6 digit PIN) recommended brand? I understand that most, if not all, the safe box are only fire-resistant, not fire-proof.. and I'm ok with that.
  22. found this just now... what is the white deposit (looks like crystal) at the negative terminal of my battery? is it normal?
  23. Manulife having the above promotion. You just need to invest in their investment linked plans ...
  24. I posted few days ago (6/12/07) on POSB who charges $4.50 for coins deposit by a child who was given a "Piggy Bank" in form of a 'can' by POSB in school so as to encourage him to save. His mother was fuming mad and wrote to the ST Forum page to complain. In today ST Forum (11/12/07) read: "POSB Staff Wrong to Levy Coin-deposit Fee" DBS reply : We are disappointed that we failed Mdm Tan's son when he went to our branch to deposit his saving into his personal POSB account. In conjunction with the Children's Day this year, we produce specially-designed POSBkids Savers coin banks tp encourage our young customers to start saving. When the coin banks are filled up, the children can bring their savings to their favourite POSB branch and deposit the money into their POSBkids saving accounts. No coin-deposit fee is levied for these children. We are sorry that our staff at the branch made a mistake and deducted the amount from his account. We have spoken to Mdm Tan and apologised to her and her son, and have since refunded the fee to his account. At least DSB had clear the air in regards to saving by child. My only hope is that it could be extended to all form of coins saving by the child in regardless of whether the "Piggy Bank" is issued by POSB or not. As well the coins is creditted into the POSBkids account, the coin-deposit levy should be waived.
  25. Cavili

    Fixed Deposit Rates

    Hi Anyone from the banking sector can advise me which bank gives the hightest interst rate for FD or nearing promotion for FD. Regards