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  1. X5actor

    2016 Audi A4 sedan & avant

    I think it is demo set, but good to check with PA ba.
  2. X5actor

    2016 Audi A4 sedan & avant

    I believe this variant is still relatively new? I recall the 2.0 FWD A4 only came out early this year... the previous batch was the 1.4. At the moment, I've not heard of specific 'common problems', that is any significantly different from other German brands.
  3. X5actor

    2016 Audi A4 sedan & avant

    If you’re not referring to Audi’s AD, i.e. Premium Auto (PA), then it’s normally ‘try your luck’ at various tire/rim shops. This is when new Audi car owners trade in their original rims. Another alternative is to enquire from Audi stockists but I’m not sure who they are. And of course, the most ‘painful’ way is to buy from PA.
  4. X5actor

    Rent a Rolex for a day?!

    I think this is not the right platform to discuss appreciation of watches. Like you don't go into a fish forum to talk about birds, right? Personally, I think it's individual preference for renting to wear a luxury watch. Like I have mentioned earlier, there are varying reasons to do so, and I don't think we should run people down with our perception for doing that. There are people who rent cars, rent bridal gowns and suits, rent luxury houses, etc. And I think, most of us here (or maybe it's just me), who 'rent' our cars from the banks/finance companies, correct? Of course, there are richer people here too, who would not need to take a loan to make a car purchase, or even a house purchase. Hope I'm not categorised as one of the poor blokes who can't afford a car and having to take a bank loan for it:(
  5. X5actor

    Rent a Rolex for a day?!

    I think there are many good reasons to rent a luxury watch; some have been mentioned earlier here. It’s akin to renting specific car models that you’re targeting to buy, to see if you like which one. But I believe you have to place a deposit of quite a substantive amount to rent a watch? For these companies, they are also risking people changing parts inside the watch.
  6. Ok, maybe I will do sampling over the rest of this week. But then again, about signaling, and to be fair, I often observe not many cars on the roads use their signal lights these days. Not just BMW drivers. But I'll try get the numbers. And no, I'm not targeting BMW drivers please.
  7. X5actor

    2016 Audi A4 sedan & avant

    Have. Contact a member here called "BlueSwifts".
  8. ... and "bai lan jiao" (White Lotus Clan) ...
  9. This is something I don't quite understand. I've seen and read several online platforms, surveys like what you have posted on Internet, jokes and insults about BMW car drivers. Are BMW drivers really that bad? Is it the brand that makes the drivers behave the way they do, or drivers who behave like that tend to own/drive BMW cars? I'm really curious how the general public perceives BMW drivers as such? I mean, I have bad encounters on the roads day-in-day-out but it is not just BMW drivers who suck. I have a friend who is a no. 1 hater of Nissan car drivers. And I really wonder why? Disclaimer: I haven't owned or driven a BMW car before.
  10. From the incident, it is very easy to condemn the deceased and self-justify the murder. But personally, I feel it is not a clear act of self-defense. Firstly, it is a wide public space. The "victim-murderer" (cyclist) could run away from the "dead attacker" (deceased) anytime, when he was being attacked. He chose not to and remain to fight it out with the deceased, even after the deceased took out a weapon to attack him. Also, the cyclist did not seem to be handicap or physically disabled. Unless the cyclist attempted to escape and was being restrained, or chased after, resulting in no way to leave the scene, then yes. Secondly, when the cyclist had the chance to retaliate, he did so violently and did not stop despite the deceased having been injured by him. If there was any form of 'provocation' on the cyclist, it should not justify such drastic reaction to have to cause death, because it was still only a case of road rage, and not in those cases of vengeance/revenge where both parties are known to each other (maybe they did know each other but we were not aware of it). Thirdly, comparing both parties' sizes, they appeared to be similar in built. Unless the cyclist was a small kid or very small built, and could easily be overpowered by a bigger-sized deceased (which is clearly not the case), then we can claim 'self-defense'. In the final seconds of the video footage, you can see the deceased fleeing from the cyclist, and in this clear scene, any reasoning for 'act of self-defense' by the cyclist, is totally invalid. A "fleeing attacker" is no longer worthy of one and the imminent danger of losing your life/property at that instance is no longer present. Unless the attacker flees from you to continue attacking other people around you, then yes. Otherwise, how do you justify self-defense when the person you're defending from is down? Whatever guesses we had talked about, be it whether the deceased might have other weapon(s), whether he might even whip out a gun, etc... all these were pure guesses. If this is brought to a Court hearing, it would be easily rebutted. Especially so if there was really no other weapon found in the car. So in this case, the cyclist would be as guilty of culpable homicide not amounting to murder, or manslaughter. Just sharing my personal thought.
  11. X5actor

    K&N Air Filter

    You can buy the K&N air filter cleaning kit. IIRC, it comes in 2 bottles - one for washing; the other for 'oiling' the filter after it is washed clean and dried up. Should not cost you more than $30 for a set. I think it's still up to you to believe it or not. I had used K&N filters for 2 of my previous rides. It's nothing significant or extraordinary. You only need to maintain it properly for prolong usage. I am not using it now because I got lazy to have to maintain it..hahaha
  12. X5actor

    2015 BMW X1 sDrive20i

    ..hahaha.. I am not as much better than you in terms of knowledge of the car market. I will be caught by surprise too if I were you, but you really have to make a choice if you want to go w/o driving for those months. Maybe you can try to work out something with the SE wrt to this arrangement, if you're bent on buying a car from them. I recalled that recently my neighbor wanted to buy a Mercedes GLA180 (we chatted about a week ago). And she was told the soonest delivery of the new car would be in March/April 2019! You can make your own judgment from this.
  13. X5actor

    2017 Volvo XC40

    I just realized the price for the XC40 T4 Momentum is now $161,999!
  14. X5actor

    2015 BMW X1 sDrive20i

    Pardon me my lack of understanding for your queries. But, you didn't believe what the AD tell you? They carry the brand; they sell the cars, and I'm sure they should know what their stocks are like, no? My encounter with PML was somewhat similar though (sometime early this year) but it's on the X1 sDrive20. I believe there were lesser buyers for the sDrive20 that was why at that time, need to indent and wait for many months. I didn't realize it's now also happening to the sDrive18. If you're buying from PML, I believe that should be the case ba...
  15. ...hahahahaha.....choi choi choi