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  1. F1 is coming so Shell has promo now... 20-22 and 27-29 Sept. V-Power at the price of 98.
  2. Could not really comprehend drag races. In most situations, modifying the same car make/model, the cxxk with the deeper pockets will come out victorious. Perhaps bragging rights come when a cheaper modified car can outrun a more expensive or exotic bred, example [modded E9 vs stock F360] or [modded Proton Wira vs stock FD2R]. In comparison, driving on a circuit needs more than just proper tuning and setup of the car. The skills of the driver plays the decisive role. Drag: 90% car 10% driver (don't even need to shift these days?...) Circuit/track: 30% car 70% driver Why not pay $300 and man up at the tracks instead?
  3. Naimed

    Marbella DashCam Users

    Recently my KR6S begin to have gaps between recordings (normal and event, running in sequence). The missing 10 secs gap (both front and rear videos) was for a near-miss by a car who was tailgating me. Will be looking out for Yi or 70mai dashcams since I seldom drive the car these day. Hopefully some promos during Comex if not will be shopping from the usual online stores.
  4. You use a 15cm ruler, draw 2 perpendicular curves that is same width and length as the ruler on an A4 paper and do a turn with your hand, you will understand.
  5. Got 10×$5 SPC coupons for August to give away. Sorry left 1 day for you to pump tomorrow. Interested please pm me. Collection is at Yishun (tonight at SPC is fine, maybe set 1 timing). SPC Yishun has 18% discount or you can use at AMK for the new sheet (if still available).
  6. Naimed

    Elderly man killed by falling wine bottle at condo

    https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/man-arrested-after-allegedly-throwing-bottle-from-condo-causing-74-year-olds SINGAPORE - An Australian man has been charged over his alleged involvement in an incident at a condominium in Spottiswoode Park Road in which a 73-year-old man died after he was struck by a glass bottle. Andrew Gosling, who appeared in court on Friday (Aug 30), was charged with one count of causing death by performing a rash act. On Aug 18, Mr Nasiari Sunee, a delivery driver, was at a housewarming party of a relative at the Spottiswoode 18 condominium's barbecue pit area when a bottle hit him just as he was about to eat. The oldest of his four children, service manager Nas Suriati Nasiari, 44, told The Straits Times that relatives suddenly heard two thuds before her father collapsed on the ground with a head wound. They then spotted an intact glass bottle nearby. A relative, who is a nurse, tended to Mr Nasiari before he was taken by ambulance to the Singapore General Hospital about 8.35pm. Madam Nas Suriati said that his heart stopped thrice during treatment and the family decided not to resuscitate him if it stopped a fourth time. "We didn't want to prolong the pain," she said. Mr Nasiari's blood pressure plunged the next morning and he died around 9am. The grandfather of nine was buried on Aug 20. Following the incident, police went door to door at Spottiswoode 18 to look for the person responsible for causing the bottle to fall from the 35-storey building. Residents told The Straits Times that officers showed them a picture of an Italian wine bottle. They were also asked if they had been drinking wine and were willing to provide fingerprint samples. Last year, the National Environment Agency took action on more than 1,200 cases of high-rise littering, and cameras were deployed in more than 1,000 areas with a persistent high-rise littering problem. If convicted of the offence, Gosling can be jailed for up to five years and fined. He will be back in court next Tuesday.
  7. Naimed

    CHC Leader Released from prison!

    With a glass of china wine?
  8. Naimed

    Elderly man killed by falling wine bottle at condo

    I believe there will be recycling bins for glass / plastic bottles at the void deck or something. When going to the car park, can just bring along and dispose inside the recycling bin. Leaving rubbish or unwanted items outside own unit is like inviting trouble.
  9. Naimed

    My Favourite Bath Soap

    Anyone tried bath bombs before? Thinking of getting something fanciful for the missus...need to upgrade car parts recently. https://sg.lush.com/products/bath-bombs
  10. Naimed

    Parking Rules and Penalties

    Don't think HDB is so strict on the rules you mentioned. 14a. Repairing/ allowing repairs to a motor vehicle in a parking place. ($80 fine) If you go up to the higher levels and do DIY small projects like EO change, brakes cleaning, rotate wheels...etc, they usually won't care much. Just don't attempt to drop engine or change radiator with coolant dripping all over the floor lah. Key words - no complains from members of public. That one GG very fast. 14b. Using a motor vehicle within a parking place for sale or promoting the sale of goods of any kind. ($80 fine) I think they meant opening up the boot of your van/car to sell home speakers or durians. Not some pamphlets or stickers. 14c. Cause/ allow vehicle to be washed in a parking place. ($80) Usually foreign worker will use cloth and wipe then rinse in their pail. No hose, no scoop. To me, I think more "wiping" than "washing".
  11. Naimed

    Sharing of Good Lobang Sale

    Do take note of the counterfeit version circulating in the market. https://www.businessinsider.sg/the-manufacturer-of-himalaya-salt-sports-candy-is-warning-against-counterfeits-heres-how-to-tell-if-youve-bought-a-fake/
  12. Naimed

    Your loot of the day

    Looks good. How much is that? I suppose it can also pump car tyres?
  13. Naimed

    Jollibee buys CBTL

  14. Penrite not suppose to be in this thread since it is about cheap EO. :) Anyways, they are around $145/5L for both 5w30 and 10w40 from a shop in Yishun. If you are into boutique race oils, can try Moty's M110 at $125/5L or M111 at $187/5L. Sunoco Brill Racing 12.5w40 is also very nice (at Applied Performance).
  15. Caught in this jam yesterday. This is from Tuas PIE going towards Changi Airport (Lane 1 and 2) or KJE (Lane 3-5). If you are heavy vehicle coming from Jalan Bahar, you will need to slowly filter to Lane 2. If you are coming from Tuas/PIE going to KJE, you need to filter to Lane 3-5 if you are on Lane 1-2 before that.