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Content creator declares Singaporeans as the worst drivers, almost everyone agrees

Content creator declares Singaporeans as the worst drivers, almost everyone agrees



You might disagree with her, but you’ll be hard pressed to find much evidence against her case.

What happened?

Content creator and entrepreneur Wendi Chan, better known as @pinkkittywendi has been stirring the pot by making the bold but likely true statement that Singaporeans are the worst drivers and/or the most inconsiderate drivers in the world.


If you are angered at the above statement, I present to you all our existing articles. And SGRV.

She uses the example of how when trying to enter another lane in the event that someone has stopped in front of you, Singaporean drivers are more likely to speed up and close the gap instead of graciously letting you in. 


To support this, she mentions how in other countries there is no such behaviour, that it is "common courtesy" to let the person signalling come into the lane. 


Wendi also gave her own experience of another driver giving a “very rude sign” when she attempted to turn into the lane. No further elaboration on the sign but I’m sure we can all guess what it was. 

She ends off the video with her confusion on this behaviour, “I just don’t get it, what is that five seconds you can lose coming in and probably going out again because there was a vehicle stuck there? It’s just frustrating.”

Online chatter

Almost unanimous agreement.


But as always, there are outliers.


What do you think about Singaporean drivers?


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If you cant get in, wait and follow behind her car.. why frustrated?

Its the timing on when you sign your lane change intention that define whether the person is courteous or not. You suddenly signal and come in when I have to brake (harder) and risk getting rear ended. 

Worse is those who match your speed and don't let you come into their lane.

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Cock lah.
Typical shitbrained driver that believes the indicator light is a magic wand that goes open sesame.

If you're so blurcock that you need to shift lanes last minute, that's on you.
Next time plan your lane so you don't cause inconvenience to others.

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It's the classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Did she show sgp how good of a driver she is before calling others "worst"?

Call herself "content creator" but how does she conclude who is good or bad? It's merely her opinion and nobody really cares.

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