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Found 4 results

  1. W124

    All things W124 :-)

    Hi people In this day and age when COEs are higher than a Boeing 747 can climb, I would like to recommend a car that is cheap (about $25k) that is durable (some have their COEs renewed till about 2019) that is reliable (mileage about 400,000km and still going strong) that is maintenance-friendly (parts can be as cheap as or even cheaper than some Japanese cars) It is a Mercedes Benz built between 1987 and 1995, Mercedes Benz cars are classified by their chassis ID, and this one is known as the W124 following the first 4 letters of their chassis designator Available in 2.0l onwards, road tax is on the high side (about 1.8k a year) Fuel consumption varies from 8 - 9 km/l Road handling is very stable, very comfortable, very spacious, very safe so it's suitable for young families with young children and a tight budget Main appeal is the low price tag and the prestige of Mercedes Benz Sometimes people forget the good things in hand and then they progress to buy other cars - and after a while, a tinge of regret creeps in ha ha Oh well, hope some fellow W124 owner is able to share his experience here with me I have owned my 1991 W124 8v 200E for 7 years now, fully paid up, drives it daily to work without much problems - towed once in 2005 when I first bought it, and then recently in 2012 towed again due to an alternator (my itchy backside wanted to try out a recon alternator) After the towing, the new alternator cost me $400 plus installation and then it's back to my best workhorse running its daily routine again :-)
  2. Requiemdk

    W124 Owners...

    ... where do they gather? Anyone got a link to their forum? Searching for "W124" here doesn't turn up much at all. While we're at it, if anyone here has a history of owning the W124 200E, it'd be great to hear about your experience, specifically what possible problems the car might have. I just bought one with COE extended till 2019 you see. While everything in it works fine now, I'd like to know what sort of stuff the car can come up with. Also, it came with a set of really good looking (at least I think so) 18 inch rims fitted, but I'm contemplating sourcing for the original 15 inch rims for it because 1) I can't shake the feeling that this isn't good for its suspension's durability, and 2) is the improvement in handling really worth the sacrifice in ride quality?? I haven't sat in or driven a W124 on stock rims before, so I have nothing to compare this with.
  3. Last saturday night I was out and about in the fair City of Singapore. I ended up in the area around Mustafa at about 11.00 at night. Little India is one of the places to go if you want to endure traffic jams at night. Usually, people will find it hard to even wake up in the morning and dread facing the morning rush hour traffic but when things are cheap at a certain place, people are willing to suffer things they do not want to suffer. But tell this to people who love shopping and they will say that shopping is different. It is always worth suffering if you want to do some shopping when all the other stores are closed and it is different as it isn't work therefore it's alright to suffer a little. Anyway, some you you readers out there would realize that I have a certain fascination about cars other than a Subaru utilizing a Subaru Impreza bonnet scoop. I managed to find one more right in front of Mustafa's. This time the scoop resides on a Toyota. Yes. I suppose since Toyota now owns some shares it must be okay for this Toyota to use the scoop. Wait, I have mentioned it before. And now before some of you out there say
  4. Guys I am helping a friend to find the floor mat for 1995 E280, W124. He doesn't like those 3M mats.