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  1. Shimada

    COE down, those bought at high COE how?

    It doesn't make sense to keep a high COE car when the depreciation is higher. What are the options for recent car buyers with high COE? Or even 2nd hand car buyers with high price but low COE? I feel this group is the worst. As they don't even have high paper value. 1) wait for 5th year scrap as it is at its highest paper value 2) trade in a conti car at AD for high over trade 3)...
  2. I used to work for china company, 70 cents, now US company 60 cents... Used to have transport allowance, which is taxable and count as your salary package, not worth it, and you will scrimp and save on parking and driving. Now salary is as high without transport allowance, meaning i get full salary and I can claim, so transport allowance is a way the company "eats you".
  3. I see a lot of new cars with no mileage selling as used car with 1 owner as it is registered. Why do car dealers do that? They would lose money doing that as it's considered a 1 owner car although there's no mileage on it? Is it because they have COE expiring that they have to register with a car? What other possible reasons?
  4. Shimada

    COE 1st/2nd ROUND - SEPT 2013

    My car is 7 years 2 months, 88000 km.
  5. I'm positive that COE will come down one way or another come 2016. There are many angry voters. Look at past elections, always $1 COE pop out of nowhere.
  6. Shimada

    BMW 316i vs Mercedes CLA

    The only plus point for CLA is looks, and looks are subjective. The BMW is more comfortable, handles better, has a better gearbox, and more refined. Also cheaper to buy. CLA DCT is likely to give you problems in the long run, and it changes gear like a tard.
  7. Shimada

    2015 BMW Z2

  8. If your car has no traction control or LSD, on a slippery surface, power will not be transferred optimally to the ground. Suggestions: 1) Do not stop on uneven slippery slope. Stop on at least an even slope, avoid drain covers etc... 2) Reduce your tyre pressure, less pressure means more grip, but more rolling resistance and lower tyre life. 3) Install LSD. 4) Change car. 5) Change job.
  9. Shimada

    Car Sales of 2013

    Evidence of inequality and widening rich poor gap.
  10. Shimada

    Massive jam at pie towards jurong

    it's because of people like these, slow down and look, and even post about it, that's why so jam.
  11. Shimada

    Civic is the car of the year 2012?

    Kah of the year.
  12. Shimada

    Toyota to launch four models in 2013

    these cars are like old school... can put on vintage plates... thanks but no thanks...
  13. Hello all, Does anyone know what are the terms and conditions for the promotions below? Audi A8 $1,763 a month Audi A7 Sportback $1,474 a month Audi A6 Avant $1,087 a month Audi A5 Sportback $1,251 a month Audi TT $1,322 a month http://www.audi.com.sg/sea/brand/sg/audi_p...;container=page
  14. Shimada

    COE classification by OMV ?

    One suggestion is to ban dealers from bidding. All to bid for themselves only. You bid COE your name. Pay cash.