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  1. Dipstick

    Spooky corpse water case in USA

    Reminds me of the movie "1408". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dl1BpMahYxs
  2. Dipstick

    Chinese medium to recommend?

    My MIL spent the last months of her life in a nursing home. A few weeks into her stay she complained that there were "dirty things" disturbing her at night and she couldn't sleep. My sis in law advised her to chant to get those "things" to leave her alone but the disturbances continued until she was told to plead with Jesus to come and save her. She did that out of desperation and the disturbances stopped. If there are unclean spirits disturbing the TS's child, I would advise him to call upon Jesus to come and remove them.
  3. Tens of thousands of FTs/FWs are taken in as new citizens each year. These people are likely to vote for the ruling party as they may feel a sense of gratitude toward the people who granted them the citizenship status. 1 year = 20k new citizens. 5 years = 100k new citizens and that number would be more than enough to offset those of the 60.1% who may change their mind come 2016.
  4. Dipstick

    Mr. Brown - Curry Night

    Very funny. Sang to tune of "Starry Starry Night". Enjoy and have a laugh. Link to "Curry curry night "
  5. I second that. PRs/foreigners must have contributed to the rise in COE prices, property prices etc. They add to the number of cars on the roads and aggravating congestions. The result? ERP rates go up. Those people are only here for the ride while the going is good. They have no commitment to this nation. They are only committed to $$$$$$. It is time to reduce the number of PRs/foreigners on this tiny island. A reduction of 30-50% would be a good start........
  6. Dipstick

    Foreigners help create more

    PRs are not Singapore Citizens. Why then are they lumped together with the citizens in the job statistics? The only reason I can think of: smokescreen to obscure the true stats. The presidential election is coming up next and all citizens should know what to do with their vote.
  7. IMO, the end results of this election will depend on the young Singaporeans 21 - 35 years of age who are voting for the first time. As for the older ones, nothing much can be done. As the saying goes, old dogs cannot learn new tricks and to make it worst, they are also members of the 3Ks club (kiasu, kiasway and kiasi).
  8. If the opps do not make any headway and the ruling party makes a clean sweep, I would come to the conclusion that Singaporeans are a masochistic lot and I would suggest that the opps refrain from contesting any future elections.
  9. Singaporeans are being taken for granted. The rise in property prices, COE, overcrowded public transport, cost of living, etc. is due in part to the rapid and overwhelming influx of foreigners. The number of foreigners working and living here must be significantly reduced. I recently went to a pizza restaurant in J8 and felt like I was in Manila. Every person working there was a Pinoy........ If this situation carries on, we may well be aliens in our own country. :angry: God help us.
  10. Based on the results of past GE's and the observation of one Mr. Li Ao, it is more than likely that the ruling party will stay in power and very few, if any, opp will be voted in. What matters is, after the GE: Will the floodgates be flung open again for FTs and FWs? Will the GST be increased? Will conservancy charges, utilities rates, road tax and all other taxes be upped? Will.......... the list goes on and on. I truly sympathise with those struggling to bring up their young children.........
  11. Dipstick

    POWER scenes from movies.......

    Unforgettable car wash scene from "One Night at McCool's"
  12. From what I understand, cyclists are allowed to use the footpaths only in Tampines. However, it seems that cyclists assumed that it is allowed everywhere else. Why isn't anything being done to publicise this and to stop them? Waiting for a fatal accident involving a child, an elderly or a pregnant woman?
  13. It is time to stop this stifling influx of PRs/FTs. They are driving up the cost of HDB flats and with it higher property tax. It's so crowded everywhere. SGPs must wake up to this prob before it becomes irreversible.
  14. Dipstick

    New 2010 Kia Forte(Cerato replacement!)

    The self-destruct windscreen is discussed at: Self-destruct Windscreen