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  1. This will not be applicable to Singapore . In Singapore, the bollards has to be put up at the pedestrian side . To protect the cars against the reckless PMDs and cyclists .
  2. Aiyo this is so common la , just slow down a bit , let him take a little bit of your road , and we are on our way . Why get stressed up ?
  3. No need to watch the race also know that Goh will win . He got at least 30kg weight advantage .
  4. F355

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    Long Q at cash payment booths due to : 1) People have TNG card but still pay cash because they need the receipt to claim the toll charges 2) Taxis use the cash booths because they pay a cheaper toll rate than cars . If they use TNG booth , the system cannot differentiate between taxis and cars 3) Light goods , bus, lorries pay different rates so they need to use cash booths 4) Despite 1,2 and 3 above , there are very little cash booths available , hence the long queues
  5. Think driver got heart attack , or maybe difficulties . He was trying to get to the side of the road as soon as possible . In fact , he already knocked onto the bus before hitting the taxi . The ambulance is most likely there for his health issues rather than the injuries from the accident . Hope driver is OK .
  6. F355

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    I dont rely on cams . WAZE is the most reliable source of info . Not only traffic congestions , they also tell you where the POLIS are hiding with their cams , real time .
  7. Stay north work south is double whammy . Morning go to work kena jialat jialat , evening go home kena again . Unless you do night shift .
  8. Facebook "Likes" not important . MCF praise points very important .
  9. F355

    Modern classics on Sg roads

    If you see "NSX" and "Senna" appear within a same sentence you have to savour the moment he lapped Suzuka in his casual leather shoes .
  10. F355

    Something to get off my Chest About Mercedes Cars

    Nowadays buying from the big 3 German ( Merc, Audi , BMW ) is like buying clothes . Comes in a few sizes S , M , L , XL . A3 macam A4 , A4 macam A6 , C class macam E , 3 series macam 5 . Lexus also seems to be following suit with ES looking like a mini LS . Or shall I say the LS is a bigger version of the ES ?
  11. Thanks Carbon82............... Must have been SBR 58R
  12. Oooops,,,,,,my bad . Maybe what I spotted was not SBG , but it was definately SB"something" 58"something" Apologies ........
  13. Confirm exist . I saw on the road before . Owner deliberately place in this manner : SBG 58G
  14. Taxi uncle baited the Lexus and the driver fell for it .
  15. F355

    For those males after 50yrs old

    I not so choosy la........ 40 plus MILF I also take......