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Lotr have made 4 car reviews, 3 merchant reviews, and 2 product reviews.
Lotr have made 4 car reviews, 3 merchant reviews, and 2 product reviews.
car reviews (4)
  • Super stylish sportback!!!
  • Really like this stylish car as its sportback profile sets it apart from the rest of the SUVs/MPVs/sedans During the test drive, felt that the engine and gearbox was really smooth and acceleration from stop is a breeze. The interior is the typical high quality Audi fare (ie. A4 and above) and makes me feel special in the driver seat Cabin is also very well insulated
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  • Top of the range Passat 2.0 Exclusiveline!
  • A very nice looking sedan with a powerful 2.0L engine and DSG 6 speed wet clutch gearbox. Was pleasantly surprised that the infotainment interface has been upgraded to a touchscreen when the brochure is still showing the previous traditional system. Actually test drove the R-Line Variant version as they do not have a 2L sedan for test drive. Pickup and ride comfort
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merchant reviews (3)
  • New Age Polish Pte Ltd
  • Was shopping around for a better paint protection for my 3 year old car.

    When I visited New Age Polish for the first time, Gabriel was able to explain clearly on the results that he is able to deliver for my car which already has some swirl marks and water spots and also the performance of the coating in terms of warranty, hardness, resistance, etc.
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  • Eng Wah Tyre & Battery
  • Decided to get my 2nd set of tyres from this shop after shopping around for the best prices.

    Service-wise, it's a no frills experience. You can watch the mechanics at work just to make sure that everything is done properly as they are really busy.

    But if good prices is what you are after, you won't go wrong with this place.
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product reviews (2)
  • Sonax Xtreme Brilliant Shine Detailer
  • Spent about 10mins applying the entire car after car wash. It has been about 2 weeks now and must say the water beading effect is still very good.
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  • Bosch Wiper Aerotwin
  • Just installed and found that these wipers are very smooth and quiet. Longevity remains to be seen but they WILL be subjected to daily rain and shine at my workplace so we will know later.
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