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Airbrushing with Aire Pro Designs

By Pinkypink on 22 May 2011

In any race with similar vehicles that are hard to differentiate, the next best way to identify the drivers are by their helmets. Hence, drivers put a lot of pride into designing their helmets. Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel for example, has a different helmet for each race with a different design.

If you noticed helmets belonging to local karters Ben Goh, Yuey Tan, Gabriella Teo, Javier Chng, Peng Malakul or Mok Weng Sun, and happen to like any one of them, then you should take some time to visit the boys at Aire Pro Designs.

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Local custom painters cum airbrush artists Aire Pro Designs specialise in airbrushing, one of the techniques used for custom painting. Unlike a spray gun, airbrushes are a lot smaller and used to perform detailed graphics on cars, motorcycles, helmets and even wall murals. The artwork is then able to feature a lot of fine details, creating real-like images.

The three of them – Dylan Liang, Shane Chia and Warren Lim – are able to airbrush anything from iPhone covers, bicycle racks, helmets, bikes to cars.

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They have even won competitions before – The winning car of the Best Airbrush category in the Ultimate Auto Styling Showdown at Super Import Nights 2008 was this Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 designed and airbrushed by them. The judges of this competition were from the National Custom Car Association, one of the largest automotive showcasing sanctioning bodies in the world.

Mok Weng Sun, a household name in the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia series, has had six of his precious race cars airbrushed by Aire Pro Designs too.

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Friends since schooling days, the three of them never expected to be in this line but an accidental discovery of talent and passion, along with the bonds of friendship, brought them together till this day. Started in 2007, Aire Pro Designs have continually expanded their premises and are now situated at #06-02 of Singapore Warehouse at 110 Paya Lebar Road.

“We do everything in-house from preparation work to artwork design to finishing. Our trademark is the sharp and 3D-looking artwork with its sleek, smooth and shiny finishing,” said Dylan.

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Shane added, “It’s hard to put an average cost to our work because it really depends on the vehicle model itself, the condition of the vehicle, and the extensiveness and complexity of the design. For kart racing helmets, we have custom painted and airbrushed some for $200 all the way to over $2,000.”

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The good thing about going to Aire Pro Designs to get your helmet customised, is that your eventual design will be exclusive to you and you only. If another person comes along and asks for the same exact design, Aire Pro Designs will decline and instead suggest otherwise. That’s that assurance to you.

Aire Pro Designs also conduct classes for those who are keen to take up airbrushing and they have had students from as young as 12 years old to 53 years old. For $1,800, you are assured a certain level of standard and the timeframe of the course will be extended and adapted to your abilities and time commitment.

Should you have a design in mind, you can take it down to Aire Pro Designs and discuss it with them before they can give you a quote. Different helmets and different designs have different limitations so a trip down personally would be better. Don’t worry if you don’t have a design in mind, they will be able to help you out there.

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Written by Pinkypink
Referred to as "The Girl Who Loves Cars & Motorsports", Cheryl Tay is a regular name in motoring publications and an established blogger herself. For more of her, check out www.cheryl-tay.com.

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