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Audi A6 launch - A fun day out at Changi

By BenCee on 27 Aug 2011

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Audi announced the press launch of the A6 locally by inviting journalists and the media to the Changi Exhibition Centre, where they set up a huge circuit for us to put the car through its paces.

Audi went all out to ensure that us privileged media had a great time, with a sandwich buffet spread and even a massage for the tired souls.

But of course, the fun parts were outside, when we got to experience the all new A6, in a manner which most buyers will probably not put their cars through.

There were three stages, the most sedate of which was the Park Assist station. This was to showcase the A6's novel new parking system, which (almost) literally parks the car itself.

It's a complicated system of sensors and etc, and the driver still has to control the brakes and throttle, but it is quite an interesting feature, and it is quite surreal to see the car steering itself into the lot. Handy for those tight parking spaces you find sometimes.

The other two stations involves slightly more hard driving. There was the slalom stage, where Audi offered us the chance to try out three cars.

There was the new A6, in standard form; an old A6 for comparison; and a modifed new A6 that has been weighted down, so that it weighs the same as the old A6.

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The purpose of this test was to highlight the new A6's lighter aluminium construction, and how different the car feels with less weight.

There was a noticable difference, as the new A6 felt more controllable, with better handling, than its predecessor. It goes to show that bigger may not always mean better.

The final test, and the most anticipated one, was the dry circuit. Here, journos get two rounds in a new A6, set to Dynamic mode, and have to navigate a circuit set with a series of lane change manouveres, quick and slow corners, and another slalom, before ending with an emergency braking test.

Us being us, we probably thrashed the life out of the poor car. But the A6 managed to cope well, despite having to endure numerous rounds of being abused at high speed. We don't recommend doing any of these on public roads however.

All in all, the A6 proved an impressive performer on a day of tough torture. Which bodes well for potential buyers I guess.

If you want a sneak preview of the new A6 (but without the hard driving unfortunately), Audi are showcasing it at an event held at the Marina Bay Sands, together with a massive 14-storey tall mega yacht, from the end of August until September.

The supermaxi yacht, called the "Audi ultra lightweight", will then be moored at the One Degree 15 Marina Club until October.

For more information, click here.

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