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A volcano in Iceland keeps F1 teams stuck in Shanghai

By Rigval on 21 Apr 2010

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It is actually surprising that a volcano that most of us haven't heard of or know how its pronounced have affected millions of people indirectly. The Eyjafjallajokull volcano located in Iceland which had erupted on or around the 17th of April 2010 spewing volcanic ash and the winds taking it all over Europe. As a result of the unpronounceable volcano deciding to erupt, many flights were canceled as well as causing many airports in Europe to close as volcanic ash is destructive and corrosive to aluminium and other metal used in aircraft, making airlines lose up to 130million per day in lost revenues. If the disruption persists for several weeks, total losses could run into billions, having a catastrophic effect on the airline industry which is already set to lose 1.4bn this year.

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- the Eyjafjallajokull blowing its top

Aside from this it caused a big effect and damages for million of residents in Iceland specially near the Volcano. Over 500 people had been evacuated since the eruption of the said volcano on that island nation. And if you're wondering how a natural disaster can affect the world of motoring, the canceled flights have actually made the teams which participated in the recent Shanghai Formula 1 Grand Prix uncertain whether they can make it to Barcelona in time for the next race on 9th May 2010.

The teams need time to service their cars before the Spanish Grand Prix, but the thing is most are still stranded in Shanghai. It is usually the case that the cars undergo a major bit of servicing and upgrading before the start of the European campaign of the Formula 1 series. Now with all the flight delays the teams are beginning to wonder, and maybe start to panic.

However, Formula 1 head honcho Bernie Ecclestone had stated that the Spanish Grand Prix would go ahead as planned and that everyone will find a way to get to Spain in due time. Of course, Formula 1 has six privately chartered 747s to carry the cars and equipment but even so, airport clearance in the United Kingdom where the cars are disembarking remains questionable.

Autosport has reported that should the delays continue there is the possibility that the cars might be shipped directly to Barcelona which is less affected by the volcano's effects. If this happens, there may not be any upgrades that could be made. Of course, there's always using the Trans-Siberian railway to transport the cars as a last resort. Its a waiting game at the moment for all.

There is suspense in motorsport even after an exciting race, all because of an unpronounceable volcano.

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