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M3 gets 707bhp from Emotion Wheels

By Rigval on 07 Jun 2010

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Performance tuners are here for a reason. The reason is that people who have extra money lying around can have fun in making performance cars have even more performance. Now whether that is a good thing is another question as the same people with money that wanted more power in their already powerful performance car may not actually be able to drive even their performance car when it was stock. But this does not stop enterprising tuners from adding even more obscene power to already fast rides. As if it were so, the world will actually be a boring place and enthusiasts who think they can improve on a standard car’s performance will not be able to do so anymore.

So we now have a basic performance car like the BMW M3. It already has a beautifully made normally aspirated 4.4liter V8 that produces 414bhp and this car basically does 0-100km/h in 4.6seconds. It already handles pretty well and oversteer is on demand. IF you have the skills to control it, but if you feel the need for more power, to try take on the neighbour’s F458 at the traffic lights then 414bhp won’t do. What you need is a vast increase in horsepower and to get that extra bit you end up at a performance tuner and make your M3 into the car in the picture above and below.
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Germany based tuner Emotion Wheels have decided that the stock 414bhp V8 won’t do and have taken another 4.4liter engine from the BMW engine stable and plonked it into the E92 M3. The engine is that 4.4liter twin turbocharged V8 that is found in the X5 M and X6 M totally pointless, ridiculously fast SUVs that BMW makes. In those SUVs, BMW has tuned them to produce an already respectable 547bhp. But Emotion Wheels have bumped up the boost, tuned the ECU, added some other mumbo jumbo (like an exhaust system) and the engine now makes 707bhp. This equates to an increase of around 70% over the stock engine and is more than adequate to beat any Porsche 911 Turbo, any 599GTB, any Lamborghini Murcielago into submission. Unless the rear wheels get shredded from all that power first that is.

So in order to help transmit all that horses, Emotion Wheels have added 19in matt black alloys as well as the usual suspension tuning to try cope with the extra and actually excess power. The actual problem I see in this car is not the car itself but the person who drives it. He or she can afford the power, but can the power be harnessed? So that would be the weakest link in this very fast BMW.

But anyway, Emotion Wheels have decided to add a lightweight carbon bonnet to balance the additional weight of the turbos and its plumbing. This matches the already carbon roof of the M3 and it would be another bragging point for the owner of this car. “My car’s got carbon fibre this and that” says the proud owner of the 707bhp M3. And then adds “Did I forget to tell you that it only has 707bhp?”

At least the bodywork is subtle, with only slightly different side skirts.
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Written by Rigval
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