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Something for children, coffee lovers and for writing

By Rigval on 11 Aug 2010

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Let's talk about children, coffee and writing instruments for now. We'll start with children first. Children are also a large number of the human race that utilize cars to bring them around. Of course since they are too young and do not have a valid driving license, adults have to drive the around and to be safe, younger children use child safety seats and Recaro, makers of hip hugging, shoulder scrunching sport seats, also make a good number of child seats for parents to safely ferry their children around.

They must be doing well in the child seat business that Recaro have just launched a new line of ProSeries models. This new line of child seats start with the ProRide which can be used in both rear or forward facing modes for newborns and small children. ProSport and ProBooster seats are also available for children up to 120lbs and feature energy absorbing foam and adjustable headrests. These little seats aren't cheap. But neither are the full size ones that adults use too.

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Next, for coffee lovers we have a Prancing Horse coffee maker called the Racepresso. This is a Ferrari endorsed helmet like coffee/espresso machine from Nespresso. It looks like a helmet. If you lift up the visor you will expose its snout, the chin has a drawer as well as other compartments. It is still in the concept stage but it will be darn cool if all the kinks can be worked out and the actual Prancing Coffee maker be sold for coffee drinking motoring enthusiasts everywhere.

And lastly, we look at writing instruments or in other words, a pen. Maserati has lent its name towards the Omas for Maserati range of pens. The pens are limited edition pieces, 1914 in all with 1,200 in fountain pen type and another 714 in roller ball type. 1914 is a number that is steep in Maserati heritage in that it is the company's founding year. The pens look good and are made of sterling silver and according to Maserati's press release, strongly suggest the shape of the Maserati Gran Turismo.

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There is also an Omas for Maserati 'Boyle Special' fountain pen. was created to commemorate the seventieth anniversary of the first Maserati win at the Indianapolis 500, caught by Mr. Wilbur Shaw on a Maserati 8 CTF. The car was dubbed the “Boyle Special”, in honour of the American sponsor who funded the transatlantic expedition. The only Italian car manufacturer to win the prestigious American race twice in a row, Maserati remains one of the few Europeans to have ever succeeded in the achievement to this day.

Also made of Sterling Silver, the “Boyle Special” fountain pen exactly recreates the particular body colour of the Maserati 8CTF, embellished with ruthenium accents, and recalls the style that characterised that car: badges finely engraved on the barrel, on the nib holder and on the ring of the cap, a 18k ruthenium treated gold nib and number “1” engraved on the cap. If you're into fountain pens and all that, head over to the nearest specialty shop and see if they carry Omas.

So there you have it. All different things, all motoring related.

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Omas Maserati "Boyle" set

Recaro, Nespresso-Ferrari and 3 more...

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Written by Rigval
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