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Bugatti launches the production version of the record beating Veyron

By Rigval on 22 Aug 2010

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After managing to capture the production car speed record with the Veyron 16.4 Super Sport on the 3rd of July, Bugatti have now previewed the production version of it. The version of the record breaking car will be limited to 40 units. This figure is coincidentally the final 40 units of the Veyron’s 300 unit production run, meaning that to date Bugatti have received orders and/or sold a total of 260 units of the Veyron in different versions and limited editions since 2005.

The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport is the result of continuous development from the original Veyron 16.4 that was launched way back in 2005. In those days, 987bhp (1000ps) was adequate and so was a top speed of about 251mph. but this doesn’t hit the spot nowadays according to Bugatti (and its Volkswagen Group owners). So the car was sent out in early July, with some engine and aero mods and promptly broke the production car speed record by posting a 267.91mph or about 431.6km/h at the Ehra-Lessein Volkswagen test track near Wolfsburg, Germany.

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So the final 40 owners of the Veyron will get to purchase a car that will have its speed capped to about 258mph or 415.21km/h, some 15 or so kilometers per hour slower than the record breaking car pictured above. This is because of the need to protect the tires. Tire technology hasn’t managed to cope with the intense pressure and stress from those terminal speeds. According to Bugatti, this will be the only difference between the record holding car and the production version of it.

Now in order for the Super Sport to reach 415km/h, the 8.0liter 16 cylinder gets bigger turbos and larger volume intercoolers. It now makes 1,184bhp and an even more massive 1,500Nm of torque. It has all wheel drive to cope with the epic power outputs.

The chassis has been tweaked over the standard Veyron. The Super Sport now have slightly longer spring travel to cope with road undulations better, thicker anti roll bars and re-valved absorbers. The aerodynamics have been optimized with larger and reshaped air intakes up front for more efficient cooling and the rear now comes with a new diffuser set up and centrally located exhaust system.

The first five of this final 40 units of Veyron will be called the 16.4 Super Sports World Record Edition. These five will be finished in the same carbon and orange color scheme that was used during the world record attempt. It is presumed that the rest would have whatever color the new owner wants aside from the blue tint carbon fiber in the pictures that is.

Production of these cars will start shortly, in autumn of this year and if you wanted to place an order for the World Record Edition, they’ve all been sold out. Money seems to be in abundance for these five lucky blokes.

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