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Wheels And More tunes the Audi R8 V10 for more looks & more power

By Rigval on 07 Sep 2010

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Wheels and More is a German tuner that focuses on high end German and Italian marques as well as Bentley, the Ford GT, Jaguar XK and the Shelby GT to name a few non-German/Italian marques. They've recently previewed their uprated version of Audi's R8 V10.

Their uprated R8 V.10's 5.2liter V10 makes 600ps over the standard 525ps/518bhp. This amount of horses and 590Nm of torque came to be due to Wheels and More doing the usual ECU tweaking and the addition of a stainless steel sports exhaust system that has a driver controlled exhaust valve to adjust throttle and release some of the extra bhp when it is possible or allowed to do so.

In order to corner better Wheels and More have collaborated with German suspension specialists KW for a bespoke driver bounce and rebound adjustable suspension. The damping and the ride height can be controlled from inside the cabin where KW has installed a Lift Control System (KW LCS) so that the car may be raised by about 30mm to clear speedbumps and basement car parks.

This suspension system is combined with Wheels and More's exclusively designed chrome alloy rims as well as the black with red lining Project Khan alloy rims as option. This should be pretty obvious since the tuning firm is named....Wheels and More. The Type C alloy rims come in 9x20inches up front running 235/30/20 tires and 11x20inches with 295/25/20 (with a 305/25/20 option if you feel 295 section sized tires aren't enough) tires at the rear. There is also a super lightweight (and super expensive) carbon wheel option too at 21,500Euro – more than double the price of the alloy wheels. Amazing, and necessary, if you want to impress your pals at the pub.

For those interested in prices of the parts separately, the ECU and exhaust tweaks alone would set the R8 V10 owner back by around 8,500Euro, the LCS suspension 8,949Euro (with installation in Europe). There is also a custom air filter box and air filters that make another 10bhp going for another 1,989Euro as well as carbon fiber bits like the front spoiler flap (2,750Euros), rear diffuser (also 2,750Euros) and a fully customized exterior and interior parts upon request.

Looks like the 'More' from Wheels and More is really a lot more. There seem to be quite a lot of these new tuners over in Germany these days.

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Attached Image: Audi_R8_wheels.jpg
-Khan alloys-
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-Impress your friends with 21,000Euro carbon rims-
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-The LCS suspension-
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