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Senner Tuning's 499bhp Audi RS5

By Rigval on 27 Dec 2010

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We already know that the newly launched Audi RS5 is a pretty fabulous car. Actually, it is pretty fabulous driven in isolation as if you try one against its smaller sibling, the supercharged S5 (cabriolet), it doesn't gain much ground as all of its power and torque comes in high up the rev range. Usually a 4.2liter normally aspirated V8 is stupendous but a supercharged 3.0liter V6performs just as well due to the torque it produces. And so, to avoid embarrassment, a RS5 owner can head over to Senner Tunning for their latest RS5 tuning package.

To fend off other Audis, Porsches and other Uber-wagens the 4.2liter FSI V8 gets an ECU upgrade and a valve controlled stainless steel exhaust system. From more precise monitoring and fuelling, as well as that freer flow exhaust system the RS5 now makes 499bhp instead of 444bhp and more importantly 478Nm of torque. Up from 430Nm previously. It should make the RS5 hustle slightly faster than before. It does, as the RS5 gets to 100km/h from zero in 4.2seconds. Down from 4.6 seconds. The maximum speed is also increased as the limiter is lifted from the usual German 250km/h limit to 280km/h. 300km/h is another option that could be had with a tire upgrade.

So after the 50bhp power upgrade, Senner Tuning shoves 20inch wheels under the arches of the RS5. 9.5inch x 20 up front and 11inch x 20 at the rear. Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta tires are the rubbers and the tires are 255/30R20 fronts and 295/25R20 at the rear. The 20inch alloys come in the Spider SC1 design and the Varianza T1S design. The display car featured the Spider on the driver's side and the Varianza on the passenger side. I suppose Senner Tuning were a little lazy for the photo shoot. Do note that the car is a left hand drive model, and the driver's seat is in the 'wrong' side of the car.

The Senner Tuning RS5 package is rounded up by carbon fiber side mirrors, a front grille and windo frames in their Black Edition trim. The interior gets the usual carbon fiber bits and pieces as well as the usual leather trimming for the seats, steering and door panels.

So the RS5 gets 50bhp. The S4 gets about the same from a tuning package and more torque. It usually is the case for blown engines to make more power than a normally aspirated one. Even one as good as the RS5. However, the one very important thing I have to add it the V8 makes a stonkingly marvelous sound that no supercharged V6 can every dream of achieving. Its all about the whole experience, not only all out power. But the 50bhp that the Senner Tuning RS5 makes is very much appreciated for RS5 owners who wants to play Top Trumps with the guys at the golf club.

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Written by Rigval
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