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Review : BMW 740iL

By Faiming_low on 23 Dec 2015 in New model

Attached Image Mention about BMW's 7 Series and one would likely remember the fourth generation E65 that caused much controversy due to its radical design. Styled by Chris Bangle, Chief of Design of BMW back then in 2001, the 7 Series wasn't well liked by many. I was one of those to be honest. But thankfully, the generations after that never made that "mistake" again... Today, we have the sixth generation 7 Series(which looks pretty elegant in my eyes) with us and it feels like it has made leaps and bounds in every aspect since then.

Attached Image One area which the new car made the biggest jump in improvement is its interior design. While the it isn't exactly revolutionary, it is spot on when it comes to being inviting and luxurious. Don't get what I mean? Maybe these photos might give you an idea how welcoming it is...

Attached Image Abundance of cabin space in the front or at the back.
Attached Image We selected orange out of the various colours available for interior lighting for this photo... and I realised there is too much orange for my liking.

Attached Image Yes, you can ionise the air with different fragrances...

Attached Image via buttons that have displays that are now multi-coloured.

Attached Image The new i-Drive display is now touchscreen capable and can recognise up to six different hand gestures.

Attached Image Love the warmth glow the light at the b-pillar gives off at night.

Attached Image Like its smaller sibling, the 5 Series, the 7 Series gets new LCD displays for the instrument cluster.

Attached Image Being a BMW, you won't expect anything lesser than good for the steering. It is pleasingly accurate and well-weighted. Keen drivers will want a bit more feedback going through the wheel but then again, the chauffeurs who will be driving it might not need it...

Attached Image Driving modes alter the driving experience by quite a bit. The best mode in my opinion is "Comfort Plus" which turns the dampers into its most cosseting setting, allowing the car to sail down the road and absorbing any imperfections in the way.

Attached Image For those who do actually drive their 7 Series on their own will find the ability to mix and match your drive settings very useful. I personally prefer the steering to feel heavier while using the comfort setting for the dampers.

Attached Image Nearly 130kg is shaved off from its predecessor with the help of carbon fibre used extensively around the car.

Attached Image Like most of the other BMW engines, this 3.0-litre 326bhp turbocharged straight-six engine has virtually no faults. It is eager to go, punchy everywhere throughout the rev range and smooth like butter. It is also pretty economical by returning nearly 10km/L despite weighing a good 1845kg.

Attached Image Now, here's my favourite party piece of the tech-laden 7 Series. This iphone-like remote has the ability to check the car's status beside the usual locking and unlocking functions. You can also set a time turn on the car's air con system before you leave in it too - very useful in our sunny island. Unfortunately, the much-raved about remote parking is not available for now as the authorities have yet to approve it for local use.

Attached Image Like all the previous generations, the new 7 Series is still one of the best driving luxury sedan around. And with this generation and in this specification, the 740Li featured here has gained enough technology, space, luxury and quality to bring it to the top of it class.

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