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    Left 6mths before scrap, need to svc car?

    Is that because one of the spark plug not working ? Does your fuel consumption shoot up ?
  2. analogue_sound

    Left 6mths before scrap, need to svc car?

    This thread definitely stirs up some interesting comments, When I was in the States, , I was told to do an oil change for my car, every 10000 miles, If I do the conversion right, 1 mile is 1.6 km meaning an oil change is needed probably 16000 km ? So we do have safety factor in our current routine maintenance.
  3. analogue_sound

    Lifespan of Shock Absorbers and Mounting

    The shock absorbers on my Honda stream lasted close to 180K km. First tell tale sign , my exhaust rubbed against the rear curb of parking lot whenever I was carrying full load (6 to 7 person in the car). After some time, when I crossed a bump at speed around 20kmh, I heard metal sound indicating that the base is rubbing against the bump, The verdict come when I did my 12 points check and the mechanic pointed to me a crack shock cover and leaky shocks. In Singapore, we will typically change out the shock. Interestingly there is a business out there in Malaysia, reworking on worn out shocks. Obviously the weakest link on a shock is the rubber seal which started aging after 5 -7 years, resulting to oil leaking out from the shock and subsequently shock failed. I spent RM 400 (If I recalled right,which equivalent to S$150 then) to repair my shocks. They are not perform as good as it used to be. I think the number of compression the spring undergone could be the key contributor.