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  1. Firehorse

    The 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia

    since everyone said Alfa resale price sucks....you may consider getting a pre-owned 159.
  2. Firehorse

    Mitsubishi Attrage.

    the simple answer is no, it is never worth it. only if you have money to waste and you feel like doing it, then just change to whatever appease you. then again, whatever you change must be LTA compliant hor.
  3. i agree with you. the protestors/rioters are minority.....its funny that they claim they are fighting for HK but actually only fighting for themselves and expecting the others to sacrifice for them. their democracy freedom is not democratic... but those who are not on their side must obey their requests. it is actually "you do what I request"... is this democratic ???? i say cannot work... you must stay at home... i say stop the traffic... you must not go anywhere... i say block the flights.... you must not fly home to your family.... is this Democracy ??? one young man being interviewed said..." freedom comes with a price... and someone must sacrifice their livelihood "..... but who are those that livelihood being affected now...
  4. to add on ... there is also itchy backside cost like Modding cost (performance mod or aesthetic mod) , detailing cost.... add stickers...remove dings & dents cost, remove scratches cost.
  5. i believe is queue list
  6. S$400 per mth... GIRO deduct 3 months in advance = S$1,200 quarterly.
  7. please also take in petrol, parking cost...fine.....replace wear & tear cost when buying car.
  8. Firehorse

    Alfa Romeo Stelvio

    LOL, sign on impulse is not easy on the pocket for many folks . It is their loss.... giving consumer more choice will obviously help business. not sure about the spec from PI, they seem to carry a Milano edition which I don't know what it means.
  9. Firehorse

    All New BMW 1 Series

    I believe for ICE upgrade, any ICE Specialist or Forum discussing ICE upgrade would be good. As I am not into ICE upgrade, kept mine stock. However, I remembered some did change the speaker, add sub woofer and tweater too. Mostly went to those BMW specialist workshop or shop that are renown in ICE upgrade. nothing too special for F20 on ICE upgrade.
  10. Firehorse

    Alfa Romeo Stelvio

    thank you , I didn't realize this. thank you for sharing, noted the difference. agreed and I am more than happy to know that it is actually RWD, the bias for AWD when electronic kicks in not too important for me.
  11. Firehorse

    Alfa Romeo Stelvio

    yes, noted on the size. I thought Stelvio is AWD instead, same as Jaguar. Giulia is RWD.
  12. Firehorse

    Alfa Romeo Stelvio

    thank you for your pointer....if comparing X3 and F Pace against Stelvio.... then the choice is obviously Alfa Romeo as it is pocket friendly among these 3 SUVs. i had not considered X3 and F Pace is because of the pricing factor which I felt I am price out. Yes I love the 156 but at the 5th year, the breakdown was getting too often and it inconvenient my wife sending kid to school. the thought of them stranded in the middle of the road was unbearable and I had to forego my love. looks like it is about time that I go back to Alfa Romeo again. which variant of Stelvio you are driving ? Super or the Urus sibling ? the Xline is slightly more then the Stelvio Super but personally I always preferred the Msport version if getting a BMW. so I will compare MSport versus other choice. that is why I look at X1 Msport vs Stelvio Super the Xline is slightly more then the Stelvio Super but personally I always preferred the Msport version if getting a BMW. so I will compare MSport versus other choice. that is why I look at X1 Msport vs Stelvio Super
  13. Firehorse

    Alfa Romeo Stelvio

    For this Marque, is best go talk directly with the AD to check price. someone in this forum seems to have LOBANG for good price.... heard related to member of The Serpent Pit but I am not sure....just hear say. as I am still in planning stage and will take another year to commit, so did not ask for the recent price update. the AD SE at time will send me an update but the last time was about 2 months ago.
  14. Firehorse

    Alfa Romeo Stelvio

    X3 and F PACE seems bigger than Stelvio and the pricing is also a lot more. Stelvio dimension is slightly bigger than X1 and E PACE and the price band is similar. my current 6years old BMW 1-series , Dealer also quote paper plus $2k...... so nowadays all cars resale value are not fantastic. i do understand Alfa and Jaguar resale pricing issue.... I had the 156SS before and sold to dealer on 5th-year.... the price they gave was as you mentioned. i expect to drive the SUV for 7~8 years.