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  1. Oh, I thought the commercial entities refer to all private companies. If rebate only for commercial diesel taxi or MINDEF, then good luck to everyone. All private companies will have to increase price and consumers have to pay for it.
  2. What if private diesel car user goes and registers a company. After that registers the diesel car under the company?
  3. Also must come with Apple Carplay & Andriod Auto capabilities.
  4. There are 2 rows of 18 pumps for Diesel. I think another 3 rows for CNG. Like what Fungyee77 said, no queue. Alot of lorry, van and taxi. All of them looking at my car. I think they are thinking how come got normal car comes and pump diesel.
  5. Just pumped at Cnergy. Buy card for $5 Topup $150 free $30 Free $30 at 0.76/liter For $150 is at $0.70/liter. All cash payment.
  6. Hi Kelvin, Congratulation. Currently C&C only bring in FWD. For AWD, you mean C&C don't allow indent AWD?
  7. Are there any customize shades that can fully cover the 3rd row and boot windows?
  8. Kia ranked #1 in 2016 JD Power US new car reliability survey – first non-luxury brand to top list since 1989 http://paultan.org/2016/06/23/kia-ranked-1-in-2016-jd-power-us-reliability-survey-first-non-luxury-brand-to-top-list-since-1989/ I am also looking at these 2 especially door pocket holders. For side step, still deciding the usefulness. Another item that I am bio-ing is thule roof rack... Don't know how much it will cost for Sorento.
  9. Based on May Car cost in LTA, OMV for Petrol SX is $32660. OMV = $32660 ARF = $37724 GST + Excise Tax = $9275 CEVS = $10000 COE = 57010 Registration fee = $140 6 month Road Tax = $817 So Profit Margin = $159999 - $147626 = $12373.
  10. Thanks. If I based on the assumption of having the same OMV as you of $37K (Diesel SX + AWD), C&C profit margin is very lean OMV = $37000 ARF = $43800 GST + Excise Tax = $9990 COE = 57010 Registration fee = $140 6 month Road Tax = $1163 Total = $149103 Profit Margin = $161300 - $149103 = $12197 Only $12.2k of profit for a high spec flagship car for Kia in SG (7.6% of the car price). C&C really kena hit hard by the surge in COE. However, I am not the winner, my purchase price is fixed. Both C&C and MIW are winner. Just that MIW won more.
  11. Thanks. Need to wait till end Aug or early September then can enjoy the car.
  12. I chose Snow White Pearl. Bro Ocean6576 chose Red (can't remember what is the actual name for the Red)
  13. Poison coming....Hehehe
  14. OeteM

    BHP supply Euro 5 diesel now!

    BHPetrol Euro 5 Diesel is available in Penang & Kedah.