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  1. city18

    COE Bidding – 1st Round of May 2019

    Cat A up up $35K
  2. city18

    New Car Checklist

    Can choose 1 meh...?Mine V version basic player only can't give comment haha
  3. city18

    New Car Checklist

    Just gotten my city...What do u mean by head unit?
  4. May be can now.My SE said that time alot of car collection long queue end up 1 mth. I guess may customer try collect b4 mth of 7
  5. Agreed.Gotten my coe 1st bid with 6 non guarantees bid. Car delivered 1 mth aftet that.
  6. city18

    Honda CITY owners please come in

    Do you mean change to dvd player for V edition?
  7. Sound logical..up and up
  8. How much is cat A now?
  9. Getting their insurance.No rebate. Btw kind of rebate u referring to?
  10. Got my coe, anyone there settle balance by bank transfer?
  11. Secured...Bro so after that what ar.. Just wait for car to come ar?
  12. Mine city too.KM bid 33K..hope can get car soon.
  13. No SE signature, only mine.
  14. Is Kah. @kennyyy, abit worry because no signature... :/
  15. Yaa..is inside. Just that no signature from their end (sales manager).I got credit card receipt booking fee.