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  1. Brand Piv.... it more than 5 year old, so life spend up liao. I guessed.
  2. Hi Pisces69, Finally, solved my car idle problem. It due to the after market battery voltage regulator. So happy now. Thank you for your advice. Clkken
  3. PM you... Thank you for your advice. Will update you once I do the reset.
  4. Hi Pisces69, Thank you for your advice, After replaced 4 plugs coil, it seen better and more stable. I'm not sure should I proceed to check on my A/C compressor. Still have a little vibrate will the A/C running. I have not reset the ECU. Should I do a reset on the ECU first before further diagnose ? Clkken
  5. Hi, I'm having the same problem with my Harrier as well. I have changed many parts but the vibration still there. Parts that have been replaced were; Engine Mounting full set Spark plugs Air filter Plug coil ECU check and reset TB serviced I'm going to check on my A/C now, hope I can solve it. Will update you.
  6. Clkken

    Toyota Premio Gear Box Problem

    Hi Ng, So far so gd, what happen to yours?