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  1. Thinking of getting the Nissan Sylphy (2009 facelift)... Feedback appreciated...Thanks
  2. Any other alternatives? I suppose warranty will void if go service other workshops?
  3. Sazali

    PSLE Results coming out soon!

    I am a parent of 3 kids myself quite concerned leh..I was told by my sister one of the student who committed suicide is my niece's classmate in S..gk..g Primary..reallypityful and my deeepest condolences to the family members......... What is our education system trying to achieve? Any parent bros here wana give good tips on educating kids..please share
  4. Sazali

    SMSA Car Park Rally

    I'm interested to take part in SMSA organized motorsports events...how do I register? Also what are the requirements? Hope someone can give me more information. Thanks...
  5. GLARE Any reviews or feebdbacks please??? Thanks..
  6. Sazali

    Free HD Movie Download Websites

    Hi Any bros/sis care to share websites for downloading free HD movies? Thanks in advance
  7. Sazali

    3A Carmats..Anyone using?

    Quoted 120 for 15mm thick 5 pieces and standard 10mm for boot.. Anyone Reviews & Feedback? Thanks... 3A Carmats
  8. 1. AutoGlym Shampoo 2. Soft 99 ClayBar 3. AutoGlym Super Resin Polish 4. Collinite 476S Wax My first attempt at auto-detailing...expert bros please give me your opinion and how to improve..
  9. Sazali

    Free HD Movie Download Websites

    Thanks bro...I cant read mandarin lah heheheh
  10. Sazali

    Switching to Chen Jin

    bought this at Chen Jin recently Enkei SC-14 16 inch Paid $380 after trade-in my stock rims...good service and price is about the same as P and S shop at AMK
  11. Sazali

    Sylphy? A Bad Choice?

    think this topic shud be changed to sylphy a good choice??? i was driving a proton gen2 for almost 5 yrs, engine loud as hell summore highly modified exhaust , sports suspension etc...just got sylphy 2.0 last month...enjoying it so quite n comfy comes with ioniser aircon the cabin air feels damn clean and relaxing...best part I paid 67K for it now 77K!! for 2.0L segment compared against Tomyam Camry and TomYam Accord and Kimchi Sonata..definitely Sushi Sylphy best value for money...my 2 cents
  12. if for 20K and 30K go outside workshop servicing will that void the Nissan warranty??
  13. ah ok thanks..so after 10K just go for the normal 20k and 30K servicing at TCM before signing up for NPMP?
  14. Thanks for the feedback guys..think i'll sign up for NPMP once the 3 free servicing to 10K is over.. I might oso consider signing up for Tan Chong Malaysia NPMP, they have 2 service centres in Jaybee area..I checked almost half price hahahhahaha
  15. Sazali

    My First DIY Detailing...Feedback please?

    Thanks but no thanks, I prefer my present full-time job heheheh
  16. Sazali

    My First DIY Detailing...Feedback please?

    yeah man ....4+ hrs ...good workoutlah..hahahhaha
  17. Sazali

    My First DIY Detailing...Feedback please?

    yeah thot of colly 915 too but chose 476 for durability
  18. Sazali

    My First DIY Detailing...Feedback please?

    3 weeks old bro mebbe dats why easier to make kilat hahahhaha...
  19. Sazali

    My First DIY Detailing...Feedback please?

    i thot of getting the white too..but the first batch of 09 facelift left only black
  20. Sazali

    My First DIY Detailing...Feedback please?

    I bought from a pro-mobile detailer..bargain like hell and got a really good price for about 10 items including AG detailing cloth,AG Aquawax etc..PM me for more details..
  21. Looking for Ultra deep shine and Aquawax....where to buy any forummers selling?
  22. Sazali

    Glare Paint Protection..Anyone used before?

    WHich Glare outlet did u do it at? How do u maintain your ride?
  23. Sazali

    Sylphy? A Bad Choice?

    Just took delivery of 2.0 SYlphy last week... loving it!!!
  24. Sazali

    3A Carmats..Anyone using?

    Where's the best place to buy customised 3M Nomad mats?
  25. Sazali

    Jap cars to become more expensive?

    Yes I agree Jap cars going up... I paid 67K for my Nissan Sylphy less than 2 mths ago, took delivery last Friday and latest price 77K...