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    Infinity - Cars

    Hi to all Q50 lover, The latest promotion of Q50 Luxe (MY18) event unit is selling @ $136,800, only several unit left. Hehe, I have grab one unit two weeks ago.
  2. Cmchang

    Jaguar Baby SUV E Pace 2018

    How is the Jag's service support after sales? Saw some bad comments on reliability and service at FB.
  3. Hi all, thanks for sharing the information and opinion in the discussion. I have some information to add on. The service advisor/CnC did mention about DVR may cause the voltage/current unstable. Especially those low quality of dvr. Initially, I don't buy his commend until I disconnected the dvr. The situation of jerking reduced and until no more jerking. But the problem occurred again after few weeks. Now, I have disconnected all the USB device, dvr and Sharp ionizer. Still un-solved. Decided to send CnC for further diagnose on last Thursday, 20-Sep. At the end, I cancel the appt as not single jerking from 17th to 20th. I'm afraid CnC not able to find any problem after send in and wasting my time. Perhaps, have to monitor and wait until more serious issue. Thanks again for all the feedback.
  4. Feel the gear engagement when switch from D to R. Doesn't feel like jerking. From 2 to 1, can feel the gear change but not consider jerking. No rattling sound heard.
  5. Sometime when reaching red traffic light. When using Eco mode, the gear likes free when release the accelerator petal. No gear number was shown on the display.
  6. Hello to all MB A-class owner (transmission: 7G-DCT), Does anyone encounter the transmission jerking during gear changing or jerking even stay on 5th gear? Sometimes after jerking, the gear (at 7th) will not change to lower gear when slowing down to 50km/hr. The paddle shifters is not response as well. When the vehicle reached less than 20km/hr, the gear will change very fast from 7th to 2th. The temporary solution is to switch off the engine and re-start. Everything will back to normal. Unfortunately, this jerking issue is intermittent. I sent my vehicle to CC but they can't find any problem. Sign... Appreciate for any feedback, thanks. Sorry, not sure which generation. It was manufactured in year 2016.
  7. Hello, good day to you. I would like to have some advice on the gearbox jerking issue of Mercedes-Benz, A class model. Is there any discussion on this topic? Hope you can direct me to that link, thank you.