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Found 1 result

  1. BabyBlade

    What's in your car?!

    SO.... As topic suggests, instead of a what's in your bag, this is a what's in your car! I recently hung up my riding boots and decided to get my hands on a relatively "cheap" COE car. Being an excited first time car owner, I've gotten straight down to picking up some basic "car accessories". What's in your car! (Mixing in a little bit of what I did after collecting the car - non maintenance) 1. Air freshener (Cute but overpriced from Autobacs) I know Autobacs items can be pricey but their location is super accessible to our office) 2. Car hooks to dabao stuff (bought two from Autobacs but think two is highly insufficient lol) 3. Baseus CD slot phone holder (Lazada $9.49) https://www.lazada.sg/products/i339328986-s749436634.html?urlFlag=true&mp=1 4. Baseus Fast Car Charger (Lazada $9.47) https://www.lazada.sg/products/i335930878-s730288924.html?urlFlag=true&mp=1 5. Baseus Blindspot Mirror. (Lazada $10.64) I think I paid a little more than I should for this but oh wells. My stock mirrors are useless anyway. Lol. https://www.lazada.sg/products/i286449783-s466409339.html?urlFlag=true&mp=1 6. Baseus Jumpstarter for contingency planning https://www.lazada.sg/products/baseus-power-starter-super-energy-car-jump-starter-jumper-8000mah-800a-12v-black-i448606356-s1194522549.html 7. Face masks 8. Lifebuoy hand sanitizer 9. Wet wipes + tissue paper (I think I need a cute tissue holder tooooo) 10. Cat soft toy 11. Reusable Drink holder for those bubble tea cravings! 12. Foldable umbrella 13. Reusable bags (Two foldable bags + one big Ikea one) 14. Also added some stickers for horsepower gain lol. Went down Rainforest (https://www.facebook.com/Rainforestgift/) to custom some stickers because they're one of the only few shops that's opened on Sundays. And of course, MYCARFORUM stickers. Hit me up if you want some MCF stickers! Lol. 15. Sunglasses 16. I'll probably want to put slippers, t shirt and shorts in the boot too in case I get drenched. No idea why I may get drenched but likely a spillover concern from my riding days. 17. Magnetic Sunshades! Yet to buy! 18. Cute Hooks from Taobao for hanging mask. I think I need a few of these hooks to hold our face masks so passengers or even myself don't just put the dirty mask lying around. Quite anal about hygiene especially during COVID times. 19. Picnic chairs! Need two of these from Decathlon for those random chit chat nights with friends at cp! Seems like a lot but everything is stashed neatly either in the glove compartment or in my storage box in the boot. Not much loose items hanging around because I don't like to see clutter. So what do you have in your car?!?! Anything that I should have but missing out on let me knooooow!