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Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Coupe gets revealed

By Rigval on 31 Mar 2011

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Mercedes Benz has officially previewed the AMG version of the recently launched C-Class Coupe. The car, officially called the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Coupe is the C-Class coupe on steroids (engine as well as a slightly more aggressive bodykit) and it comes with a normally aspirated 6.2liter much like the one found in the SL63, CLK63 previously and not the latest 5.5liter V8 twin turbocharged AMG lump found in some other Mercedes Benz AMG cars like the latest CLS63 AMG. I am surprised, I thought the new C63 Coupe would also succumb to downsizing in cubic capacity due to environmental concerns, but it looks like AMG is as mental as before, and I like it.

So, AMG gives a one finger salute to those expecting it to be politically/environmentally correct and keeps the manic normally aspirated monster of an engine. The 6.2liter normally aspirated V8 engne in its latest specification will produce 451bhp and about 600Nm of torque. This is definifely more than what its closest normally aspirated rivals make (think BMW M3 and Audi RS5). Of course, there is no substitute for cubic inches as they all say and the Mercedes V8 certainly outguns the 4.0liter and 4.2 liter lumps that the BMW and Audi have respectively. It also adds to a whole lot of road tax too as it is more than 2000cc over the BMW. But that is the price to pay for some Awsomely Mega Grunt. Isn't it. And that extra cc's add megabass too. If you've heard an AMG V8 on song, you'll instantly want one. I want one and the heck with being politically or environmentally correct all the time. Being a little mental is good.

Anyway, the awesomely mega grunt that the C63 Coupe makes allows it to hit 0-100km/h in 4.5seconds even with its seven speed Speedshift Automatic transmission – the only transmission offered. Automatic it may be but shift times are around 100miliseconds and it also has launch control to ensure precision starts. Top speed is a non-issue, or an issue to some as it is limited to the usual 250km/h that most German manufacturers adhere by.

AMG also tunes the suspension of the C63 Coupe. The car differs from the stock C-Class Coupe with a different three link front suspension setup, a revised multi-link rear suspension and also wider tracks front and rear. Anti-roll bars are thicker with suitably revised as are the camber settings, shock absorber and spring rates, which are most probably harder and sportier overall. In other words, it isn't like any unclemobile Mercedes Benz that you see on the streets usually. This one would love a good oversteer or two as well as a good tire shredding.

There will also be an AMG Performance Package offered. This package includes composite front brake discs, special interior trim and engine internals adapted from the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG – pistons, conrods and crankshaft. This ups the power output to 480bhp but there is no improvement in torque figures. The 0-100km/h time goes down to 4.4 seconds.

The rest of the goodies that are worth mentioning are the bodykit. This includes an AMG front splitter with larger air vents, a rear diffuser as well as the required fashion accessory – LED Driving Lights. The overall look isn't outright aggression like the C63 Sedan as it somehow looks very understated.

The interior gets an AMG sports steering wheel (in leather but in Alcantara if the customer ops for the Performance Package), metallic trim and AMG Sports seats.

The Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Coupe will be on sale around Europe in July and should be on sale in this region sometime after that. And now that AMG has come up with the replacement for the CLK63, I can't wait for them to come up with a 'Black' version. A new C63 AMG Black Coupe would be epic.

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