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Mobiado and Aston Martin joins forces to create the ultimate smart phone

By Rigval on 07 Apr 2011

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What we have here folks is another car-gadget tie in. Heard of Mobiado? They're a Canadian luxury mobile phone manufacturer that usually base their phones on Nokia stuff. Their phones utilize precious materials like sapphire crystal, mother of pearl, exotic wood as well as incorporating a mechanical watch with a phone. Yes, the last one is one weird combo, mechanical meets electric. Anyway, they've started a joint venture with Aston Martin to create a Mobiado concept phone called the CTP002 and it's stunning BUT it doesn't work yet.

The prototype CTP002 is supposedly concept phone that is a piece of transparent sapphire glass held by two pieces of titanium edges on each side. According to the report the sapphire glass is a capacitive touchscreen and the phone's function is based on an Andriod based operating system. All of this is still in, what I call the 'dream-like' stage and everything is purely a concept right now. I mean imagine trying to put a battery, the electronics and sim card into the titanium sides of the phone so that the big touchscreen remains transparent. It is actually mind boggling at the moment if Mobiado's engineers can make the CTP002 work.

Anyway, where does Aston Martin come into the picture? According to the report the transparent Mobiado CTP002 will connect with the car and its multimedia station. This level of connectivity and how it looks is why Aston Martin lent its name to a concept phone. Much like why Aston Martin calls the car key an 'Emotion Control Unit' , I can now suggest that the Mobiado Aston Martin smart phone is to be called a 'Personal Integrated Multimedia Partner'. Or in short, PIMP.

Anyway, it can display maps showing stuff from Foursquare and with cameras integrated to the future Aston Martin the occupants in the car can take photos of themselves inside the car and post it on Twitbook or Faceter. Imaging twitting “Driving the DB10 today, boy I feel good.” to all your slightly poorer social networking friends out there. Oh, the envy.

Aside from the above, the concept phone's built in accelerometer can track the driver's body in case of an accident, telling the future Aston's on board computers accurate information on whether to deploy the airbags or not. Of course these are all ideas at the moment. The CTP002 isn't a workable concept as yet but that isn't stopping Mobiado from showing it off at the world watch and jewelry show in Basel, Switzerland – 2011 BaselWorld.

I hope this concept comes to light and the only worry is that if it works, it may cost as much as an Aston Martin. I mean it's going to take tons of R&D to make it work, right?

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Written by Rigval
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