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Focus on this advertisement

By SYF77 on 08 Jul 2011

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It has been quite some time since I saw a full page advertisement on the Ford Focus. Hence, the Ford Focus advertisement (Refer to the blog photograph above) on The Straits Times on 2 July 11 immediately caught my attention. Initially, I thought Regent Motors was competing head on with Volkswagen Singapore (which happens to advertise the all new Jetta on the same day) with the launch of the all new Focus. However, on a closer look, I realized that the car in the advertisement is actually the existing Ford Focus on sale in Singapore. However, Focus fans need not be disappointed as the advertisement is a sign of things to come…

At a sale price of $92K with guaranteed COE, the focus looks like a steal, considering the fact that the Toyota Corolla Altis Classic model is listed at $97,988 (source: sgcarmart.com) on that weekend. In addition, the Altis is manufactured in Thailand while the Focus hails from Spain. While the Focus looks like a good bargain, the message behind the advertisement is more important. It looks like Regent Motors is trying to clear the existing stocks of the Focus, to make way for its successor. If one remembers clearly, Regent Motors was rather aggressive in advertising the pre-facelift Mondeo, powered by the 2.3 litre Duratec engine. The model made way for the face-lifted Ecoboost Mondeo shortly after that.

I am almost certain that the new Focus will be available with the 1.6 Ecoboost unit found in the new Volvo S60. If the current 100bhp 1.6 Focus sounds anemic to you, the new Focus should not disappoint. And to the all-new Jetta Sport, enjoy your success while you can.

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Written by SYF77
I have been a car fanatic since 1989, when my father was changing our family car then to a Toyota Corolla 1.6 GL fitted with a Twin Cam 16 valve engine that was carburetor-fed, a big deal back in those days. The automobile technology and industry fascinates me and I hope to broadcast these interesting developments to everyone out there through this blog.

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Samshio Jul 08 2011 05:11 PM
according to ford Sales, the new focus will not come with the 1.6 ecoboost, but a new 1.6l engine with around 160 bhp + powershift
SYF77 Jul 08 2011 08:30 PM
Hi Samshio,

Thanks for the interesting update.
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