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Ferrari 599 GTB 60F1 commemorates 60 years of wins in F1

By Rigval on 14 Dec 2011

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Now if you’re the chap who can afford a Ferrari, or two, with ease then you should be looking at Ferrari’s personalization program for the car. This basically means that upon ordering one’s Ferrari, the car manufacturer will accommodate your whims and fancies. If you wanted your 599 GTB to come with pink coloured seats, a yellow steering wheel and a purple leather dashboard, Ferrari’s personalization program allow you to do so. Bad taste aside, that is.

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Now sometimes Ferrari will take it a step further (or back, depending on whether you really want a pink upholstered Ferrari more than anything on this earth) and launch their own limited run trim for their cars and with the intention of celebrating their 60th anniversary of their first F1 race win, Ferrari has launched the special edition Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano 60F1.

This model will be based on the 599 GTB with the HGTE package. The HGTE is basically the handling package for the 599 and the 60F1 package is basically one that adds a special colour scheme and trim. This means that you would have to build your 599 around this ‘basic’ package, which is already going to cost you for opting for the HGTE package (although some say this makes the 599 into a sharper driver’s car and it is a necessary option).

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Anyway, you can opt for the 599 60F1 with three different exterior liveries – the first gets a scheme close to the one which won the first F1 race way back in 1951. It has a darker red hue, more in line with the one used in the 375 F1 car used by Froilan Gonzalez for Ferrari’s maiden win. The second gets more red on white treatment with the red coming from Fernando Alonso’s current Ferrari F1 with something called ‘F1 White’ as accents on the front splitter and rear buttresses. This car also gets the Italian tri-colour on the rear boot spoiler. The third variant loses the tri-colour and the white buttresses but keeps the white splitter.

The interior gets suede Alcantara and Alutex trim, a plaque with some stuff written on it and some signatures by Gonzalez and Fernando Alonso as well as Sabelt seats for the European market cars and Recaro seats for US customers. I wonder what seats are specced for Asian market cars (although I suspect we would get the European specced cars like we usually do). The funkiest thing you can get from this Ferrari 599 60F1 are the seat belts. Opt for the three or four point safety harness and you get a different colour on either side. This is good as you would want to make your limited edition Ferrari as loud as possible.

Of course, with the 60F1 as part of the Ferrari tailor made personalization program, you could take your Ferrari 599 60F1 to another level, and build what you want around what has been given to you.

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source: HROWEN

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