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The 9th generation Civic takes a step back

By SYF77 on 15 Jan 2012

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The new Civic was launched in Singapore about a week before the 2012 Lunar New Year. Having owned the 8th generation Civic 2.0 SI (A), I was interested to find out how Honda builds upon an impressive ex-model.

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The new Civic maintains the low-slung, aerodynamic profile of its predecessor. However, the rear lights seem to adopt a more generic design rather than the distinctive ‘4-circle’ layout of the former Civic. Measuring 4525mm(L) x 1755mm(B) x 1434mm (H), the Civic is 25mm shorter and 5mm wider than its predecessor. The new car gains a pair of projector-style headlights but not HID technology. The car wears 16-inch alloys.

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Going on to the interior, the new Civic maintains the 2-tier dashboard display like the former model. However, the design is more angular than before. Personally, I prefer the previous design which is curvier and looks more expensive. The hard plastic on the dashboard does not help to lift the image of the interior. I used to like the unique boomerang-shaped handbrake of the previous Civic as well as its circular gearbox casing. However, all these are replaced by something more conventional looking. The door panel trimming feels less padded than its predecessor and is nearer in standard to the last Nissan Sunny that was sold in Singapore.

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The new model is only available as a 1.5L Hybrid or a 1.6L i-VTEC. Honda has dropped the 1.8L and 2.0L in our market due to the high CAT B COE. The hybrid model and 1.6L produces 110ps and 125 ps respectively. The hybrid produces 15ps more than the 1.3L hybrid that it replaces. For the 1.6L, power rating remains unchanged from the last Civic. The hybrid is mated to a CVT transmission while the 1.6L is linked to a 5-speed automatic gearbox like before. Its rivals such as the Hyundai Elantra and Chevrolet Cruze have both advanced to a 6-speed transmission.

The 8th generation Civic was a vast improvement over the 7th generation. However, in its latest iteration, the Civic seemed to have taken a step back. Let’s hope that the 10th generation will regain its mojo. Miscellaneous shots of the new Civic can be found below.

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