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Mazda's new roadster: The MX-2

By CheeJun on 20 Feb 2010

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The all time classic can now look forward to a smaller brother, the Mazda MX-2. Set to be unveiled in 2012, the new addition to the Mazda family is definitely going to create waves, especially among the fans of the current Mazda MX-5. If this new family member is going to be as good as or better than the already timeless MX-5, the affordable, lightweight convertible sports-car market is going to be overwhelmed by this new baby.

The special thing about the Mazda MX-5 is that its design has remained uncannily similar ever since it was put into production in 1989, much like Porsche I have to admit. However, the fellas at Mazda managed to pull off an amazing design, one that looked balanced, simple and most importantly, classically 'British' looking sportscar while the Porsche still looks rather odd even though it is a staggering piece of engineering genius. And ever since then, the MX-5 has been known to be the benchmark for the best and most value-for-money sportscar that one can buy. With the MX-2, I think Mazda will want to continue their tradition of building the best affordable sportscar, just that this is downsized even further.

Being lighter may also mean less expensive. But less expensive doesn't always mean lower performance as the MX-5 has already demonstrated to the world for more than a decade. Its design looks like a culmination of three different cars, from the Ferrari California inspired headlamps and the Mazda Furai concept's swooping lines with the rest of the body inspired by the new BMW Z4, I think this car looks brilliant! And what comes under the bonnet doesn't disappoint. Small capacity engines ranging from 0.7litres to 1.6litres will be the powerplant in the MX-2. The range topping 1.6litre will be turbocharged to produce 160bhp on tap. Though that might not seem a lot, combine that with its minimal weight, this car will humiliate heavier and more expensive cars in future.. So don't look so smug in that BMW because a Mazda will be leaving you choking on its dust.

If this really does make it to our shores, the MX-2 will be the young driver's dream car; affordable, fast and most importantly, good looking. I can't
think of anything better.

Attached Image: mazda_mx2_b.jpg

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Written by Cheejun
Hi everyone, I’m Chee Jun and cars have always been a passion for me since young and writing about them is one way to express myself in the motoring world.

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Babyt Feb 20 2010 06:55 PM
look like tuscani.
Legacyx Feb 21 2010 01:53 AM
wootz hope they release it here in sg~!
Endless373 Feb 21 2010 08:41 AM
Looks good but its kinda strange mazda came out with this to compete with its own MX5 ????
Legacyx Feb 21 2010 02:04 PM
i think they wan it to be in the league of minis..... hm would have to see the pricing though.... or maybe they're gonna discontinue the 5 which iz very unlikely lol... onli they will know for sure
Relagsingh Feb 21 2010 04:01 PM
Will appeal to many if priced well with good features.

small little roadsters is always a winning formula.
Legacyx Feb 21 2010 05:00 PM
time to save up for it~!
Optix Feb 21 2010 06:08 PM
Fans of the original Miata will yearn for this MX-2 more than the MX-5.
Dissident Feb 22 2010 08:34 AM
it's a FWD, so it holds no competition to MX-5.
a good and economical alternative to drivers who are not so particular about handling.
Da_editor Feb 22 2010 09:04 AM
The MX-5 is exceedingly at $130K. That's the price of the BMW 3-series. So I doubt the MX-2 going to be very much cheaper when it comes to Singapore.

Xefera Feb 22 2010 10:33 PM
only 1 expression ..... I LUV IT!!!!
Dissident Feb 24 2010 11:58 AM
eh xefera, since when u start to luv FWD?
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