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And now for something totally indecent. The Gemballa Ferrari Enzo MIG-U1

By Rigval on 04 Mar 2010

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Lets look at something which will cost a lot more than a Saab, look more outrageous than a Saab and completely sell all of its 25 allocated production units within a few months, which I suppose is the same amount Saab sells in Singapore in the same time frame. The Gemballa MIG-U1 Enzo.

You would be buying a car that basically destroys the donor Ferrari Enzo by adding wide arches and wider tracks (body kit and rims, a body kit & roof scoop included), red quilted interior (I like), 40 extra horsepower – 650 to 690bhp, new rims & tires and a taller Impreza/Evolution/Type R spoiler. The extreme aero package adds additional kilos of downforce front (35kg) and rear (85kg) over the stock Enzo and it looks like a Transformers robot with its black and white colour scheme.

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The sole unit of this car was first created by Gemballa for its Middle East distributor sometime in 2009 and then somehow Gemballa decided to produce another 25 units of it. The thing that irks me most about this car is that Ferrari only manufactured 400 units of the car and has been out of production since 2005. This means that either Gemballa sources a used Enzo for its customer or the customer brings his own for this total makeover. This means that out of the remaining 300plus Enzos, as some of the 400 may have already been totalled by their owners from driving mishaps, 25 more Enzos would be sacrificed by Gemballa to make it into a U1.

25 less original Enzos could make a big difference 25 years down the road, a time when collectors pay big money to have something original from the Ferrari factory. You may even see some buying modified cars like these and getting them reverted to its original form. This has happened to a few Ferrari 250GTOs from the 1960s.

And with Enzos changing hands at auctions at around Ł500,000, it is not something cheap when you add at least another Ł100,000-200,000 to the final bill for the conversion works. 25 less Enzos means that prices for stock Enzos could now increase a little. Not that it would matter much to the average Joe that is.

Attached Image - I love the quilted leather work. Lots of cows must have sacrificed themselves for this fine craftsmanship

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Written by Rigval
Born in 1972. Married with a kid. Loves B-road drives and have driven cars from the 1950s to date.

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Carcuter88 Mar 04 2010 05:08 PM
This looks luuuuvvvvvvyly!

Interior looks abit old-school though. Should have more metal and CF finishing to complement the exterior.
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