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Taxi Terror

By CheeJun on 24 Mar 2010

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Taxis take up the most space on our tiny little island that is getting increasingly populated by cars. Of course taxis help to provide a convenient alternative to owning a car and saves the environment to a certain extent by lowering each individual's carbon footprint. It gives those who don't own a car a set of wheels to roam around Singapore. However, the downside is not the taxis themselves, but its drivers.

There have been numerous campaigns in Singapore to promote courteous drivers, I mean even the driving schools 'promote' the idea of having a safe and courteous drive. So I'm wondering, has that all been forgotten? I'm sure there are many taxi drivers out there who do their utmost best to serve their passengers, some who go the extra mile to make a passenger feel comfortable or even those who are honest and return the items that have been lost in their taxis. However, there are just some of them who spoil the whole profession of being a taxi driver. They drive recklessly at speeds that are way over the speed limit, cut into lanes abruptly, swear behind the wheel constantly and even show the finger to other drivers who, to them, piss them off. I have even witnessed two taxi drivers attempting to fight albeit with their cabs and it wasn't a pleasant sight with screeching tires and hands flailing inside the cabin. The main question now is why these things happen. Why do taxi drivers behave in such a manner that allows the general public to label them as 'bad' drivers?

Well it could be that they spend the whole day sitting in one position driving people around and of course there will be instances where passengers become unreasonable and just run off and not paying, that kind of stuff. But for the majority of the time, they are ruthless on the road. Even one taxi driver who I was talking to said that taxi drivers now a days don't care much for the rules on the road or the safety of the passengers. That particular taxi driver was one of the safest and most courteous drivers I've ever known and I even tipped him at the end of my journey. The whole purpose of this article is to find out your opinion on cabbies these days, do you think that they should improve their style of driving?

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