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Enough with the fairy lights!

By CheeJun on 16 Apr 2010

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Audi started on of the biggest motoring trends to date, and if you're still wondering what that is, I suggest you go out on the road one of these days and see how many cars you can spot with "DRLs" or 'Day-time Runnning Lights'. Workshops around Singapore have been selling these aftermarket LEDs to customers who don't have an Audi, but want to add a little 'Audi-ness' to their own ride with these lights.

There are two different camps with different opinions regarding this particular accessory; some say its irritating, distracting and downright ugly to add LEDs to a car which doens't come with them. The others say its all part of nurturing creativity and the fun of customising their own car to suit their personality. Well, I tend to steer closer to the first school of thought, which is, it can be rather irritating at times.

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Have you seen the glare from some of these lights? Especially when its placed on the rear number plate of some cars. I have no issues with it being located on the front end where its supposed to be, but after some deep thought and customisation ideas, the LEDs have moved to the side skirts and now the rear number plates. These are some photos from Stomp showing how glaring the LEDs can be on the rear, and I wonder why they're used in the first place when its supposed to be used during the day as its original name and purpose suggests! Even some motorcycles have joined the customisation bandwagon with this accessory and it makes them look like mosquitos with lights on them on the road at night. Placing such lights on the rear is as distracting and irritating as people who turn on their fog lamps when Singapore hardly ever experiences a misty or foggy day..

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DRLs on the front is cool and I think what Audi has started is brilliant because most premium car manufacturers have started installing them to their cars, but then again, Volkswagen owns most of the German dealers so I guess the dissemination of the idea was inevitable but then again, those are tastefully done and for the main purpose of safety. Making a car or motorcycle look like a Christmas tree isn't cool and isn't safe at all. Period.

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Written by Cheejun
Hi everyone, I’m Chee Jun and cars have always been a passion for me since young and writing about them is one way to express myself in the motoring world.

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LoverofCar Apr 16 2010 11:57 PM
low life people tend to pretend to be something....
Eugn86 Apr 17 2010 01:10 AM
I feel that if it's just installed at the front near the headlights, it can be useful in the day as it allows the car to be more visible. But WTH, why do some people install everywhere that can be installed on the car like the number plates, door sills, skirting etc.? That is so irritating!
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