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Audi showcases seven styling guises for the A1

By Rigval on 08 May 2010

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Audi has come up with seven showcases of styling for the Audi A1 which were made to be displayed at the 29th Annual Worthersee Tour in Austria (May 12-15, 2010). The car above is a yellow airport version of it. According to Audi, these Audi A1 are “motto vehicles”. This basically means that these cars are another marketing exercise to promote the A1 to the world at large.
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The different A1s, starting with that “Follow Me” Airport version includes the “FC Bayern” model, the “Hot Rod” model, the “Police Car”, a “Red Cross” model, original “Quattro coloured version, and a luxury spec version. All these cars are the work of Audi’s design chief, Stefan Sielaff and are meant to show the different looks customers can achieve with add on parts, paint, stickers and some imagination. You can also see that the interiors are also specially decked out with lots of animal hide and graphics, on some of the versions that is.

The Worthersee Tour is basically a Volkswagen-Audi Group meet that is held in Austria. It has been going strong for the past two decades and usually showcases the most unique and outrageous Volkswagen and Audis. And even Audi sees it as an event that is not to be missed to showcase their latest model.

While some of the cars are one-off specials, some will be sold as “competition kits” available to the average A1 customer. Some accessories available upon the commencement of sales is a bodykit consisting of a front spoiler, side skirts and a rear diffuser. There will also be a “legends interior plus” which is basically the interior of the “Original Quattro” model shown below.

Audi seems to be hell bent on making the A1 a success. I think they are trying a wee bit too hard, especially with the Airport and Red Cross versions of the A1. I also don’t see anyone trying to hot rod an A1. Hot Rodding a hot hatch seems like a mismatch in my opinion. Or how about a DTM safety car version? That would be extremely cool. Or how about a “Hello Kitty” version while they are at it? That would make some children ask their mummy to go get an A1 immediately.

On another note, remember this articleI wrote on the A1? Even Audi isn't keeping the A and C pillars painted a different colour with all of the showcase models. A point has been proven. It's just a design cue for the sake of being a design cue. Nonetheless, enjoy the photos below.

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Attached Image - "Legends Interior Plus"

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