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The future of motoring

By Blogger on 18 Dec 2009

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This is the real deal. It is NOT a hybrid. This is the Honda FCX Clarity. It is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell which generates energy to run the electric motor so the only emissions coming out from the exhaust is, water. The 'new' Prius is now obsolete. If you wanted to make a real fashion statement Mr Di Caprio, you could have just bought one of these instead of 3 'Priuses'.

Attached Image: honda_fcx_clarity_hydrogen_fuel_cell_car.png

Of course Singapore doesn't have one of these yet but this car drives as any Honda would, and it looks better than the Prius too. The cost of hydrogen is approximately the same as petrol, at least in the US, but unlike petrol, it can never run out since hydrogen is infinitely available throughout the entire universe! One tank of compressed hydrogen has a range of about 435km and the motor generates a 136bhp. 25.6km/l. Bugger off Prius.

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Luckily and ironically, the biggest petrol-head of all time Jay Leno does think this is the future for cars. This is the 'saviour for our sports cars' according to him and that stars drive the Prius mainly because they think that they have the 'moral superiority' that they are 'saving the earth'. Well done Jay Leno, you are the only smart Hollywoodian. Sadly though, this is only available in California for now.

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Not only do their passion for cars burn pavements, their thoughts and ideas on cars are as fast as the word go.

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Da_editor Dec 17 2009 10:19 PM
Perhaps Hydrogen does exists infinitely, but cheap sources of hydrogen is not...

Hydrogen fuel does not occur naturally on Earth and thus is not an energy source, but is an energy carrier. It can be made from a number of sources, currently it is most frequently made from methane or other fossil fuels. Hydrogen production via electrolysis of water is generally inefficient and expensive and is rarely used.
Da_editor Dec 17 2009 10:22 PM
Problems with fuel cell technology :

1) Fuel cell cost

Currently, hydrogen fuel cells are costly to produce and are fragile. Engineers are studying how to produce inexpensive fuel cells that are robust enough to survive the bumps and vibrations that all automobiles experience.

2)Freezing conditions

Temperatures below freezing (32 F or 0 C) are a concern with fuel cells operations. Operational fuel cells have an internal vaporous water environment that could solidify if the fuel cell and contents are not kept above 0 Celsius (32F). Most fuel cell designs are not as yet robust enough to survive in below-freezing environments. Frozen solid, especially before start up, they would not be able to begin working. Once running though, heat is a byproduct of the fuel cell process, which would keep the fuel cell at an adequate operational temperature to function correctly. This makes startup of the fuel cell a concern in cold weather operation. Places such as Canada or Alaska where temperatures can reach −40 C (−40 F) at startup would not be able to use early model fuel cells.

3) Service life

Although service life is coupled to cost, fuel cells have to be compared to existing machines with a service life in excess of 5000 hours for stationary and light-duty. Marine PEM fuel cells reached the target in 2004. Current service life is 7,300 hours under cycling conditions. Research is going on especially for heavy duty like in the bus trials which are targeted up to a service life of 30,000 hours.
Porkerlover Dec 17 2009 11:37 PM
Hey bro...nice entry but perhaps you should put a name to this latest science project from Honda for the benefit of other readers? It's the Honda FCX if I'm not mistaken...
Porkerlover Dec 18 2009 12:21 AM
Here's a review of it done by Top Gear
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