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Novitec Rosso does the 612 Scaglietti

By Rigval on 01 Jun 2010

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The current Ferrari line up is a stupendous one. The newly launched 458 Italia, the California, the 599 GT/GTO and the 612 Scaglietti. The 612 what? Yes, this car is still in the Ferrari line-up but ever since its launch it has never really set hearts on fire. I suppose it is because of its styling. Some say that the 456 that is replaced was one of the nicest looking Ferrari grand tourers ever made. It is often out shined by its sexier, smaller and lighter sister models and sales of the car also tell the same story.

But the Scaglietti is actually a darn good Gran Turismo. It is specifically built for those intercontinental drives. It allows the driver and passenger(s) to arrive in style and also feeling as fresh as when they left their home about a thousand kilometers away. The car actually has presence when viewed in real life. From the photos of the Novitec Rosso car above you think that it is actually something small. Well folks, it actually is as long as a W221 S-class and wider too. It is that large and is every bit an exciting Ferrari. Which is what Novitec Rosso, Dutch tuner extraordinaire of Ferraris, wants to tell us as it has recently launched its latest (and final) tuning package for the Scaglietti; which has been in production for a while now and should be replaced in the near future.
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Novitec Rosso has tuned up the ECU and added an exhaust system to the 5.8liter V12. This has resulted and increase in horses and torque. Brake Horse Power is increased to 565 from 530bhpand torque goes up to 609Nm from 588Nm.

The car does not sport any new aerokit or styling. It is only limited to slight different tail lights. Aside from that we have the usual performance tuner upgrade; big rims and tires. The Scaglietti sports 275/30/20 tires up front and 335/25/21 rears. The rest of the suspension seems stock. But a 35bhp increase in a Ferrari long wheel base car would not exactly warrant fully upgraded shocks that would degrade the pleasant ride required in a long distance tourer.

Novitec Rosso will add the usual refinements to the interior, which means customized leather fittings as requested by the customer. I do like the understated looks of the Scaglietti. Sometimes a little subtlety is a good thing, especially if its as big as a Mercedes S-class yet with only 2 doors and much lower.

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