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APP Europe's BMW M3 StopTech Track Day Edition

By Rigval on 22 Jun 2010

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Companies that deal with performance tuning have to ensure that their products fill a certain niche nowadays in order to differentiate their products from others. This is confirmed by the folks at APP Automotive Europewhen they previewed their tuned BMW M3 called the StopTech Trackday Edition.

The car is meant for those motoring enthusiasts who frequent track days. As you guys know, open track days are for the general public to drive around race tracks in order to get their craving for speed, handling and overall motorsport excitement satisfied. Noted track day sessions are like those held at the Nurburgring in Germany or for a closer example, at Sepang, up north in Malaysia. Of course, this would mean a car that has to have enough brakes to slow down after a long straight, enough horsepower to pull at car out of corners and precise handling to actually take the corners. So a car like the APP Automotive BMW M3 is supposedly to sort this all out.

The car is fitted with high performance brakes from StopTech, the brake specialists where the name of this track day special is derived from. APP chose the STR braking system for this with its forged aluminum and anodized 6-piston calipers coupled with two-piece 380mm diameter discs up front and four-piston calipers with 355mm diameter discs in the rear. The APP M3 has a deceleration rate of -13.4 meters per second. This is serious eye-popping, kidney mashing, chest hurting due to the seatbelts deceleration. This would take serious getting used to as the person with this sort of braking power may have to re-adjust his braking point to compensate for this extra bite.

For ample cornering speeds and handling, APP has installed suspension from KW, specifying their Club Sport suspension. For less weight and to free some extra horses, a titanium exhaust weighing 23kg less than the stock unit is installed. For less weight, less rolling inertia as well as for looks, ATS 19in rims replace the stock rim as it weighs 1.5kg less per wheel.

As for power, which would be fully utilized for those wide open throttle applications like storming down a track straight, the engine is tweaked to produce 444 hp and 440 Nm. The stock M3 only makes 414bhp and 400Nm of torque.

'Stoptech'. If read on its own would mean the technology to stop. Not very interesting for a performance car. But even though APP had named the car after something that slows a car down, which is actually not as much fun as gunning a car at full throttle all the time, it is still a total package that any BMW trackday or B-road enthusiast would want for their M3.

APP have not mentioned any details on price and its availability as yet.

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