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Edo Competition converts a DB9 into a DBS

By Rigval on 14 Jul 2010

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Do you love your 5 year old Aston Martin DB9 so much until you wonít upgrade it to a DBS? Or do you feel slightly miffed that Aston Martin suggests that a DBS isnít a DB9 with extra make-up and to prove a point you end up going to EDO Competition for a make-over of your own DB9 into a DBS? Whatever the real reason is what we have pictured in here is a Aston Martin DB9 modified and tuned by EDO Competion (those people quite famous for making a Ferrari Enzo go all yellow and much faster) to be a DBS, albeit with an increase in power.

This 5 year old Aston Martin DB9 owned by a Russian is to date the one and only comprehensive DB9 to DBS make-over around. The bumpers, sills, skirts, diffuser, bonnet etc have been switched from the metal original to the lightweight carbon panels that the DBS uses. The interior has been reworked with leather/alcantara wrappings throughout the car together with carbon and aluminium inserts. The seats have also been marked ĎDBSí, making this DB9 or anyone entering it think itís a bonafide DBS. The rims are of course different, but this only makes the car look like a DBS on custom wheels.

The stock 5.9liter V12 has been junked for the DBSí 6.0 liter V12 but with upgrades make 550bhp, or 40bhp more than a standard DBS. The brakes have also been upgraded to massive steel discs running 6pot front /4pot rear calipers. Theyíre not carbon like in a DBS but these arenít your run-of-the-mill items either.

So, the conclusion to this article is, yes, it is possible to spend some money and make that 5 year old DB9 into a DBS. And how much would a conversion like this cost? EDO Competition hasnít mentioned any details or the actual reason why the owner requested such a conversion. An emotional attachment is the only logical reason as it would be easier to sell the car, buy a real DBS as if you add the conversion cost and the current market value of a 5 year old DB9, it would be more sensible in the long run.

But then again, if you have tons of money and you just needed to prove a point to your beer drinking buddies, youíre never logical.

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