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G-Power BMW M5 sets a world speed record

By Rigval on 18 Aug 2010

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G-Power, another famous German tuning company have claimed that their E60 BMW M5 had broken the World Record for the fastest sedan. This car had achieved a top speed of 372 km/h or 231mph. It beats their own previously held record held by their earlier tuned M5 called the (say it with one breath – G-Power BMW M5 Hurricane RS) which used a 750bhp twin supercharged V10 that only managed 367.4km/h or 228mph.

Now this new model, called the G-Power BMW M5 Hurricane RR (those double 'R's seem to mean it is faster) has to battle the laws of diminishing returns. In other words, it has to have another 50 whole bhp to go a massive 3mph faster. The new RR with its larger twin superchargers has its boost upped and also makes 800Nm. This allows it to reach 100km/h in 4.35seconds, 200km/h in 9.5seconds (which is about as fast as some 2.0liter coupes need to reach 100km/h) and 300km/h in 25.8 seconds.

The Hurricane RR runs on 19inch wheels and Michelin Pilot Sport Tires. The earlier RS ran 20inch wheels but I suppose that the rolling resistance and drag caused G-Power engineers to rethink their use in the record breaking run. Anyway, the 19inchers look mighty large enough already.

Before these two G-Power M5s, the Brabus CLS Rocket may have held the fastest sedan title and that may have lasted for a short while. In fact, this current 231mph record, which is actually the top speed the McLaren F1 may topple with newer models in the market especially cars like the Bugatti sedan on the way and when engineers find new ways to coax more horsepower from engines.

Anyway, if you want the fastest M5 in the world, this G-Power will set you back by around 250,000Euros or more, depending on specification.

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Written by Rigval
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