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Lotus previews two Evora models ahead of the Paris Motor Show

By Rigval on 31 Aug 2010

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Lotus has unveiled photos (and specs) of two new Lotus Evora models ahead of their public debut at the upcoming Paris Motor Show. One of the models is the Lotus Evora IPS (Intelligent Precision Shift), which is Lotus marketing talk for something so dull and common called the ‘automatic gearbox’. This is almost as terrible as Aston Martin calling the DB9's ignition key an 'Emotion Control Unit'. The other Evora is the Evora S, a more powerful version of the base Evora model packing a supercharged Toyota 3.5liter V6 instead of the usual normally aspirated one in the normal Evoras (and that Evora IPS too)

The Evora S has that supercharger mentioned earlier, a middle exit sports exhaust with a button in the cabin to adjust the exhaust bypass valve for added aural thrills (and noise reduction when closed so that you can trot along quietly without attracting unwarranted attention from the authorities) as well as adjusting throttle response. The tweaks enable the 3.5liter engine to produce 345bhp and 399 Nm of torque. A 69bhp and about 50Nm up from the normally aspirated Evora.

Making an appearance in the Evora S’ cabin is a heads up display for the driver to impress his mates with. I suppose this is part of Lotus’ plan to go upscale – by adding more toys and goodies to their cars.

The other Evora, the Evora IPS or Evora Automatic for ease of understanding is the usual Evora with the usual 3.5liter V6 making the usual 280bhp but with a 6 speed “Lotus developed transmission control” Toyota automatic gearbox with some buttons in place of where a traditional gear lever usually sits and some flappy pedals behind the steering for those who still want to stroke it ‘manually’. Oh, it has a ‘Sports’ button to go with it. Meaning the throttle and shift responses are sharper in that mode. This Lotus, according to Lotus, is for those who want a sports car for the looks and would rather cruise (while looking chic) while not suffering one little bit in city traffic.

There, two new Evora that will cater both ends of the market. An Evora for the hard core customers and an Evora for the slightly lazier ones too. Anyway what's next? Calling the brakes 'Strong Powerful Velocity Reducers' or SPVR in short or a sports exhaust system "The Emotive Sounding Waste Product Extractor" ?

The photos show the exterior of the Evora S and the center console IPS buttons and the Evora IPS Paddle shifters behind the steering wheel.

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Written by Rigval
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